Friday, July 31, 2015

$200K GTD Day Today

Today in the poker room, it is ALL about the $425 buyin Event 6, the $200,000 Guarantee in the Ante Up World Championships Series.

At 11am is Day 1B of the tournament, players starting with 15,000 chips, playing 30-minute levels until Level 14 when they switch to 40-minute blinds.

The top 10 percent of the field moves on to Sunday's 11am Day 2 start.

At 4pm we do it all over again, this time as Day 1C, same blinds, breaks and bag-n-tags.

But wait, if you don't want to pay $425 to get in, you have $100 multi-table satellites at 1pm and 8pm. Any time there's 10 on the signup list for a $100 single-table, that'll launch too.

Day 1D goes at 11am Saturday, and we're calling our shot here folks, 415 entries at least for Saturday.

18 Move on to Sunday

Here are the 18 players who have advanced from tonight's Day 1A of Event 6 - the $200,000 Guarantee in the Ante Up World Championships Series - returning at 11 am Sunday to join players from Days 1B, C and D to play down to a winner.

Name City Chipcount
Rocky McNutt Pleasanton, CA 340,500
Darrel Dier Sacramento, CA 299,000
Dee Timmons Manteca, CA 257,000
Kao Saechao Portland, OR 205,500
Shaun Johnson Modesto, CA 192,000
Jeff Resch Paradise, CA 183,000
Kevin Ho Elk Grove, CA 160,000
John Namauleg San Jose, CA 151,500
Alex Dickson Keizer, OR 134,000
Nick Wooderson Vacaville, CA 121,500
Leo Michael Sunnyvale, CA 112,500
Michael Marsh Sacramento, CA 111,500
Darrell Steed Elk Grove, CA 79,500
Ken Jorgensen Rancho Cordova, CA 79,000
Adam Duong Sacramento, CA 76,500
Marcus Sanders Oroville, CA 59,500
Casey Whitney Elk Creek, CA 36,500
Rose Erhart Ione, CA 27,500

Cash, But No Bag

These four players cashed in tonight's Day 1A of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event 6 in the Ante Up World Championships Series, but did not advance to Sunday's Day 2. Each of the players earned $700.

19. Arish Nat
20. Brent Lickiss
21. John Mercer
22. Evelyn Iraheta


We missed the hand that sent Arish Nat out in 19th and his chips to Dee Timmons, but we're done for the night and will have full chipcounts for the final 18 in about 20 minutes.

I Can't MakeThis Up

Ken Korgensen truly was down to a chip and a chair a few hours ago, in for the ante and a single 100 chip behind.

Octuple-up, triple-up and triple-up moved him from 500 to 46,000 chips, and he is not done.

All in with 66 against the AK of John Mercer and guess what? Ken has him covered.

Yep, that's a 6 on the flop, it is all over, Mercer is out in 21st place, we are two eliminations from the end of the night ... and Ken Jorgensen has 127,000 chips.

--Dan Ross
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Pair, Pair, Pair

With blinds at 3000/6000 and 500 antes, Ken Jorgensen leads out for 13,000. Dee Timmons makes it 53,000 and Michael Marsh calls.

Jorgensen gets out of the way, then bolts up from his chair in anguish when he sees the 3-9-A flop (he comes over to us to say he folded 99).

Timmons checks and Marsh checks behind. 

The Jc turn card brings Timmons out, sliding a stack of red 5k chips on front of her.

Marsh grimaces, shows QQ, and folds. Timmons shows KK.

--Dan Ross
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Thai Bubbles

On the wrong end of hand after hand tonight against Rocky McNutt, the money bubble burst as Thai Nguyen runs onto McNutt's floped top-two.

McNutt is chipleader at about 350,000, with Darrel Dier using some bubble-abuse to move to 290,000.

The next 4 eliminations all receive $600. The remaining 18 players bag-n-tag, returning at 11am Sunday for Day 2.