Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Del Vecchio Wins @WPT Rolling Thunder

@3kingme3 - Mike Del Vecchio took the overall chiplead last night with 4 tables left in the WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event, and but for a very few hands he maintained that chiplead through to the end.

Del Vecchio is the 2017 Rolling Thunder Main Event Champ, earning $284,638 for the win. This includes a $15,000 entry in to the WPT Tournament of Champions at the end of the season.

Del Vecchio navigated a final table that included four other pro's - Sorel Mizzi, Steven Tabb, Connor Drinan and Olivier Busquet - along with amateur player John Hadley who won his way in via a Livemore Caasino freeroll.

At the end, it was Del Vecchio's trip 4's holding up against the open-ended straight flush draw of Mizzi on the final hand of the tournament.

Here is the overall results from the event.

$3500 Main Event
421 Entries
$1,347,200 Prize Pool
53 Places Paid.

1 Mike Del Vecchio Las Vegas, NV $284,638
2 Sorel Mizzi Toronto, Canada $190,105
3 Steven Tabb San Mateo, CA $122,296
4 John Hadley Brentwood, CA $81,930
5 Olivier Busquet Edgewater, NJ $63,013
6 Connor Drinan Arlington Heights, IL $52,222
7 Ankush  Mandivia Richmond, TX $43,829
8 Pat Lyons Hillsboro, CA $35,437
9 Dana Harmetz Sacramento, CA $27,177
10 David Valdez Vacaville, CA $22,914
11 Denzel Suntay Newark, CA $22,914
12 jaroslaw Marowiak Ukiah, CA $22,914
13 Paul Saso Milpitas, CA $19,050
14 Dean Baranowski Lewisville, TX $19,050
15 Dana Jones Shingle Springs, CA $19,050
16 Tho Tran Las Vegas, NV $15,720
17 Charles Maddalena Chowchilla, CA $15,720
18 C. Thomas Sego Palo Alto, CA $15,720
19 Niall Farrell n/a $13,056
20 Charles Carrell UK $13,056
21 Brett Apter Arlington, VA $13,056
22 Moshin Charania Chicago, IL $11,057
23 Brian Altman Boston, MA $11,057
24 Anthoiny DeLuca Coarsegold, CA $11,057
25 Kao Vang Pleasant Gorve, CA $9,059
26 Derek Wolters Tempe, AZ $9,059
27 Chuck Nguyen San Lorenzo, CA $8,259
28 Kevin Eyster Lafayette, LA $8,260
29 Joshua Morrow Chico, CA $7,460
30 Aaron Frei Denver, CO $7,460
31 Ekrem Bozkurt n/a $7,460
32 Mimi Luu San Jose, CA $7,460
33 William Foxen Cold Sp. Hbr, NY $7,460
34 Gerald Feinerman Roseville, CA $7,460
35 Anthony Winters Livermore, CA $7,460
36 Justo Avalos Elk Grove, CA $7,460
37 Michael Tureniac Sweden $6,661
38 Phia Xiong Sacramento, CA $6,661
39 Ajay Gnanasambanthan Phoenix, AZ $6,661
40 Larry Green Houston, TX $6,661
41 Kevin MacPhee Coeur D'Alene, ID $6,661
42 Ricky Vance Fresno, CA $6,661
43 Shawn Roberts Lincoln, CA $6,661
44 Jasthi Kumar San Ramon, CA $6,661
45 Joshua Reichard Jamesville, WI $6,661
46 Glen Miller Mukilteo, WA $5,862
47 Gregory Wagner Redding, CA $5,862
48 John Bettencourt Stockton, CA $5,862
49 Tuan Mai San Jose, CA $5,862
50 Alan Engel Las Vegas, NV $5,862
51 Ping Liu Irvine, CA $5,862
52 Michael Ruter Temecula, CA $5,862
53 Michael Lancaster SF, CA $5,862

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Sorel Mizzi - 2nd Place - $190,105

A snap-call all in on the turn to the all-in from Mike Del Vecchio, Sorel Mizzi is holding an open-ended straight flush draw against trip 4's.

Mizzi needs help on the river to keep his heads-up match going against Del Vecchio.

Mizzi misses on the river - Del Vecchio has Mizzi covered and Mizzi is the 2017 WPT Rolling Thunder runner-up. He takes home $190,105

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Steven Tabb - 3rd Place - $122,296

Steven Tabb doubled once through Mike Del Vecchio and tried a second time, but Del Vecchio holds A8>KQ and Tabb is out in 3rd place, a $122,296 cash.

Del Vecchio moves to heads-up play against Sorel Mizzi for $284,638 - runner-up takes home$190,105

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Hadley's Freeroll Becomes $81,930

John Hadley won a @WPT Main Event seat through a freeroll at his local Livermore Casino in the Bay Area. He turned that in to a three-day run and a third-place finish for a $81,930 cash.

"This was awesome, what a great event," Hadley said to Ben Erwin, @TVPokerRoom Director of Operations, a few minutes after his final table appearance ended. "I was encouraged by all the great staff at Thunder Valley, the people around talking with me about what to expect and I got a little advice on how to play certain people."

Hadley build a solid stack early in his opening day's play, slipping back to 54,000 by the end of Day 1. He moved that stack up more than 9x as Day 2 progressed, bagging more than 470,000 and the 4th biggest stack of the 53 who came back for Day 3. Making the 6-handed final table last night, though, left Hadley a bit distracted as well as happy.

"I drove home last night after play ended, got lost a little bit on the way there, and ended up only being able to sleep about four hours," Hadley said to Erwin. "I was thinking .. about today."

Hadley's last hand was a preflop four-bet all-in with AQ. Mike Del Vecchio snap-called with 66, a hand that Hadley went 1-for-3 with throughout the final table. Hadley ran 66 in to AA twice in the first few orbits of the day, then he doubled-up with 66 later on.

This time, there was a 6 on the river to give Del Vecchio a set, marking the conclusion of the WPT for Hadley.

"I was happy I survived. This was a tough field and I went in hoping to play the best I could."

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5th Place - @OlivierBusquet - $63,013

All in preflop for his last, Olivier Busquet is called by the new chipleader, Steven Tabb. As the 5-handed shortstack, Busquet moved in with Kc Kc and Tabb called from the BB with Kc Kc.

The Kc Kc Kc gives Busquet a pair, but Tabb has the flush draw, and he rivers the Kc to score the knockout and extend his chiplead.

Busquet takes 5th place, cashing for $63,013

Blinds - 20k/40k
Antes - 5k
Players Left - 4

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Sixes Finally Hold for Hadley

Twice in the first two orbits, John Hadley found himself with 66 and each time he ran in to AA. He folded preflop once and he lost a hand once that played down to the river.

He just called off his stack preflop and raced with chipleader Mike Del Vecchio, 66 v AQ. No ace nor Queen came and Hadley is back to 2.5 million

Blinds - 20k/40k
Antes - 5k
Players Left - 5

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Busquet Triples Up, Drinan Out

Olivier Busquet moves all in preflop, Connor Drinan goes over-the-top all-in and John Hadley snap-calls to put both players at risk, with Busquet the shortest stack.

Busquet has QT
Drinan has KJ
Hadley has JJ

Busquet crushes the Q-T-3 flop, but Drinan picks up an open-ended draw. The turn and river blank for everyone, Busquet triples up to about 1.4 million, Drinan is eliminated in 6th, cashing for $52,222
and Hadley picks up 100k in chips total via winning the side pot against Drinan.

Blinds - 15k/30k
Antes - 5k
Players Left - 5

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