Sunday, April 26, 2015

2 More 2 Pair Tourneys 2 Day

There are two more @2Pair Poker Tour tournaments today here at Thunder Valley.

At 1 p.m. cards go in the air for the $140 buyin Bankroll Builder event, where the final 12 percent of the field all take home $1,000.

At 7 p.m. is our Sunday Knockout, a $100 buyin with $25 bounties, one of our most popular weekly tournaments.

Come out and join us, and come over to watch live the finals of the $880 Main Event while you're at it.

Down to 13

We lost Gina Stagnitto and Rasul Sderchento in that level, bringing us down to 13 players now.

2 Fast Bustouts

Although we went 20 minutes at @2Pair Poker Main Event without a player busting out, we lost Mario Sequeira and Sharon Sanchez within the same 30-second time frame.

This moves us to 16 players, two 8-handed tables. There is a redraw once we are down to nine.

2 Pair Main Event LiveStream

Here is the LiveStream of the final day of the 2Pair Poker Tour $880 Main Event, hole cards included, being shown on a 30-minute delay.

Ready For Day 2

The final 18 players in the @2PairPoker Main Event take their seats - with cards in the air - in 10 minutes, paying for a $30,106 first prize in this $880 buyin event that drew 151 total entries.

Mike Hubbard of Santa Rosa, with 483,000, is your overnight chipleader.

Here are the seat assignments with chipcounts for each player.

Here is the prize pool and payouts they are playing for.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 2 Seat Assignments

Here are the seat assignments for the final 18 players in the @2pairPoker Main Event, restart at 11am Sunday.

Table Seat Name Chipcount
1 1 Mike Hubbard 483,000

2 Kao Saevang 226,000

3 Matthew Dillon 392,000

4 Mike Gilley 85,000

5 Kao Vang 51,000

6 Dan Stir 173,000

Table Seat Name Chipcount
2 1 Gina Stagnitto 167,500

2 Steven Gervais 235,000

3 Sharon Sanchez 92,500

4 Joe Ranciato 46,500

5 Rasul Sherchenko 39,500

6 Dermot Lyons 61,000

Table Seat Name Chipcount
3 1 Waseem A 435,00

2 Mario Sequeira 66,500

3 Mike Riddle 146,500

4 Hoang Nguyen 153,000

5 Adam Duong 133,000

6 Prabhakar Thonduru 60,500

11 Advancing to Sunday

These 11 players survived Day 1B of the @2PairPoker Main Event for the final day, playing for a $30k first prize, and bagged chips to come back at 11am Sunday.

Joe Kenney was 12th, Darrell Cain 13th and Shawn Daniels 14th today, all cashing for $1,200 but did not advance to Sunday.

Name Chipcount
Waseem A. 435,000
Matthew Dillon 392,000
Steven Gervais 235,000
Kao Saevang 226,000
Mike Riddle 146,500
Sharon Sanchez 92,500
Monte Gilley 85,000
Mario Sequeira 66,500
Prabhakar Thonduru 60,500
Joe Ranciato 46,500
Rasul Sherchenko 39,500