Saturday, July 22, 2017

25 More Make Sunday

Here are the 25 players - from a starting field of 303 entries - advancing from today's Day 1C to Sunday's Day 2 in the $100,000 guaranteed Catapult.

MichaelSievertSonoma, CA367,000
JeffNewmanReno, NV360,000
StephenSimsModesto, CA295,000
DavidValdezVacaville, CA292,000
JasonStoddardSacramento, CA267,500
VincentAmayunEl Dor. Hills, CA263,000
ChristopherWallaceN. Highlands, CA229,500
DamonTylerVacaville, CA150,000
ThaiChareanRancho Cordova, CA145,500
AndrewStubelAuburn, CA145,500
SamCtuzVacaville, CA139,500
KaoVangPleasant Grove, CA123,500
DennisFoxAntelope, CA101,500
JonathanGoldsmithRocklin, CA95,000
WiltonAlejandroRoseville, CA91,500
TravisFujisakaWalnut Creek, CA78,500
BrianWallerLincoln, CA75,500
AnthonyThomasColfax, CA74,500
John JackiemiecSan Rafael, CA71,000
ReginaldPearsEl. Dor HIlls, CA68,000
QuentinLobaughSacramento, CA64,000
GeorgeneFarmerAshland, OR53,500
MikeWalkerNewcastle, CA42,500
DavidRoseSonoma, CA19,000
TimonRooneySacramento, CA9,000

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Day 1C Cashes

Here are the 6 players who cashed for $300 - without bagging a Day 2 stack - in flight C of the $100,000 Guaranteed Catapult. Play had ended for the night.


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Friday, July 21, 2017

Halfway to the End

Day 1C players are coming back from a 15 minute break. With 50 remaining, half the field is going to advance to Sunday's 1pm-start Day 2.

hose who finish tonight 26-31st place cash for $300 but do not advance to Sunday.

There's two more flights tomorrow, a 9am start, yes a NINE AM START for Day 1D and a 5pm final flight.

Level - 13
Blinds - 1500/3k
Antes - 500
Remaining 50/303
Total Tourney Entries So Far - 808

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100 taking a Break

Time for the second break of the day in flight 1c of the Catapult - this is a 10 folks. Among those still looking to bag Day 2 chips is Andrew Barber (above, 2017 WSOP File Photo), Sean Burson, Beast Valdez, Charisse Case, Georgene Farmer, Elissa Norman, Travis Fujisaka, Matt Boddorf, Rommel Santos, Timon Rooney and Dal Bains.

When play resumes, action is at

Level - 10
Blinds - 800/1600
Antes - 200
Remaining - 100/303
Total Tourney Entries So Far - 808

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20 More on to Sunday

Candy Alexander and 19 of her poker pals bagged chips in today's 3rd starting flight of the $100,000 guaranteed Catapult. These 20 players return Sunday at 1pm (please be here at 12:45 so you're ready for cards in the air at 1pm) for Day 2 and play down to a champion.

PaulSampsonFernley, NV373,000
CandyAlexanderEl D. Hills, CA274,000
RussCoffeeModesto, CA257,000
RobAndersonGrass Valley, CA241,500
RickSaeleeOakland, CA235,000
SiavashBahriLivingston, CA230,500
DavidOlsonApplegate, CA208,500
AndrewSimDublin, CA202,500
StevenGeralisStockton, CA164,000
JamesMitchellSacramento, CA143,000
EdCastlesStockton, CA137,000
NathanMatsumotoSacramento, CA115,000
JohnCrossmanChico, CA115,000
AngeloKratsasSF, CA109,000
CharlenAseberosElk Grove, CA101,500
JoseHChico, CA82,500
StevenWeagalAtwater, CA70,000
JeremiahBartlettGrass Valley, CA66,000
JackSkellyWalnut Creek, CA64,500
MarkLehnertSonora, CA43,000

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Day 1B Catapult Payouts

Here are the players who cashed today in Day 1B of the 2017 @AnteUpMagazine Worlds kickoff event, the $100,000 Guaranteed Catapult.


Nguyen, Brizuela, Gomez and Lampe all cash for $300. Greeley, Pisarek and Johnson all three were knocked out on the final hand of the night. Those players are going to divide one Day 1 payout and two Day 2 mincashes.

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808 Through 3 Flights

@AnteUpMagazine Worlds Event 1C registration is closed and the board shows the third Catapult flight drew 303 entries.

Play ends tonight when down to 25 players. Those finishing 26-31st place all cash for $300 but do not bag a Day 2 stack. Players who bag tonight come back Sunday at 1pm for Day 2 and play down to a winner.

This pushes the total field now to 808 entries - with what is anticipated to be the two largest starting flights taking place tomorrow.

Day 1D starts at 9am (this is NOT a typo, start is 9am) and the final flight gets underway at 5pm.

Level - 7
Blinds - 400/800
Antes - 100
Entries - 303
Total Tourney Entries S0 Far - 808

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