Saturday, January 12, 2013


     Ron is a local poker player who has been playing poker at Thunder Valley Casino Resort since we opened in 2003.  His poker nickname "Neon" was adopted before live poker was introduced here at Thunder Valley.  Before live poker, Thunder Valley offered tournaments and live play through machine play.  Since Ron operates a neon sign business it only made sense his poker machine loggin would be "Neon."  Almost 10 years later, few of us would know him by any other name.
     Neon was first introduced to poker at a young age, but did not begin playing seriously until 4 years ago.  He enjoys playing No-limit cash games as well as No-limit tournaments.  Although he enjoys both, his tournament game is one area he plans to focus on in the future.
     Neon enjoys playing poker at Thunder Valley because of the staff and ambiance the resort offers him.  He also enjoys the comaraderie and gamesmanship of other local players.  When he is not playing poker, Neon enjoys playing tennis, snow skiing, and most recently sky diving.