Monday, August 12, 2013

TVPC Main Event Final Table today at 4pm PST

The Player's Championship main event will wrap up today with the remaining players coming back to play down to a winner. 

Action was fierce throughout the day on Sunday as the remaining field of 74 was whittled down to just 7 players after approximately 12 hours of play. 

The current chip counts and remaining prize pool are listed below:

Alan "Scrap" Ribardo (2,293,000)
Quan Tran (1,400,000)
Al Stonum (953,000)
Tay Nguyen (923,000)
Dinh Le (832,000)
Mario Sequeira (393,000)
Jason Simpson (233,000)

1st- $75,000
2nd- $53,600 
3rd- $35,200
4th- $25,850
5th- $19,080
6th- $15,400
7th- $13,900

Stay tuned as the final table will be live streaming on Thunder Valley's blog starting at 4pm and running until the tournament reaches a champion. 

Garrett Roth
Ante Up Magazine
NorCal Ambassador