Thursday, July 31, 2014

"The Numbers Are In" of Ante Up Magazine Poker Tour Event#1 NLHe Facebook/Twitter

 Registration has just closed and The +Thunder Valley Casino Resort Poker Room would like to thank all 400 players and participants for helping us crush the posted $20,000 guarantee of the 2014 Ante Up Magazine Poker Tour Event #1 " $125 +Facebook+ Fan Page+Twitter No Limit Hold'em Tournament DOUBLING it to $40,000!  As a result of the overwhelming player participation, the top 45 players will be paid a minimum of $200, while first place will win $8,400!
Here are the breakdown of the payouts:
1st: $8,400
2nd: $5,800
3rd: $3,900
4th: $2,900
5th: $2,400
6th: $1,900
7th: $1,500
8th: $1,000
9th:: $800
10th-11th: $600
12th-14th: $500
15th-19th: $400
20th-24th: $320
25th-30th: $280
31st-36th: $240
37th-45th: $200
At capacity
Employee of the month
Looking sharp
Shuffle up and deal
All business at the tables
Can you spot the rec player?
2-Pair mag sponsored pro
Who requested the dealer change?
"Chips dig me?"

How to squeeze lemonade out of lemons

Bottle service at the tables

All business at the tables part II 
Are we having fun yet?

How many ladies will make the final table?