Monday, September 29, 2014


The crowd on the rail was definitely Erle-sided tonight, with so many friends and fellow poker players on hand to see Sacramento's Erle Mankin at this HPT Final Table. Mankin has entertained the live crowd and those watching the livestream throughout the night.

As we come back from dinner break, Joseph Christman starts action on the first hand back by limping from the small blind, and Mankin checks from the big blind. The flop comes T♠ 4♠ 3♣. Christman bets 80,000, only to see Mankin move all-in for 1.46 million. Christman hesitates for a short time, and then calls. Both players show top pair, but Christman has T♦ 8♦ to the T♣ 5♦ of Mankin, so it comes down to a battle of kickers.

The turn is the A♠ and the river is the J♠, the 8 for Christman plays. Mankin is eliminated in third place, collecting $66,754.

--Dan Ross
and Michael Reed