Saturday, January 31, 2015


ENTRIES: 60 / PRIZE POOL: $6,000
1ST        DANIEL MEDINA                     LAFAYETTE, CA $1,740
2ND       BRUCE ANGESKI                     SACRAMENTO, CA $1,200
3RD        WALTER STEUART                 CARMICHAEL, CA $780
4TH         RAYMOND GLOWNIAK       FOLSOM, CA $600
5TH         PAUL BROWN                         AUBURN, CA $450
6TH         KIM PHAM                               CAMPBELL, CA $360
7TH          STEVEN JACKSON                 CHICAGO PARK, CA $285
8TH         ERIC BETZ                                  ROSEVILLE, CA $225
9TH         MICHAEL TAYLOR                   SACRAMENTO, CA $180
10TH       EDWARD SCOTT                      MARYSVILLE, CA $180

Monday, January 26, 2015

Full January HPT Series Results

Here are the results from the January 2015 @HPTPoker Series at @TVPokerRoom,

Event 1 - $200,000 Guaranteed Deepstack $425 - 1/15-18

Event 2 - $10,000 Guaranteed $150 with $50 Bounties - 1/18

Event 3 - $15,000 Guaranteed $125 Holiday Tournament - 1/19

Event 4 - $10,000 Guaranteed $235 6-Max - 1/19

Event 5 - $10,000 Guaranteed $150 Omaha 8OB - 1/20

Event 6 - $40,000 Guaranteed $300 with $100 Black Chip Bounties - 1/20

Event 7 - $10,000 Guaranteed Escalator - 1/21

Event 8 - $200 PLO - 1/21

Event 9 - $150 HORSE - 1/22

Event 10 - Heartland Poker Tour Main Event $1,650 - 1/22-26

Event 11 - $280 Open Face Chinese-Pineapple - 11/22

Event 12 - $225 Survivor - 1/24

Event 13 - $10,000 Guaranteed $150 with $50 Bounties - 1/25

Event 10 - HPT Main Event - Results

Here are the results from the January 2014 Heartland Poker Tour Main Event at Thunder Valley Resort in Lincoln, CA.

479 Players
$693,945 Prize Pool
Paying 54 Places

Place Name City Cash
1 Nick Shkolnik Van Nuys, CA $159,599
2 Hop (Ricky) Lay Galt, CA $97,569
3 Tom West Los Altos, CA $64,676
4 James (Rick) Colson Williams, CA $44,968
5 Michael Hinde Scotts Valley, CA $33,656
6 Michael Riddle Elk Grove, CA $26,023
7 Mark Violetti Red Bluff, CA $21,165
8 Brett Murray Santa Rosa, CA $17,349
9 Jared Griener Santa Ana, CA $13,879
10 Gina Stagnitto Brentwood, CA $11,242
11 Erik Werner xx $11,242
12 Scott Ball xx $11,242
13 Jose Merino xx $8,397
14 James Hays Sebastopol, CA $8,397
15 Dan Alspach Las Vegas, NV $8,397
16 Taylor Tu xx $6,454
17 Thomas Tran Modesto, CA $6,454
18 Loc Huang Sacramento, CA $6,454
19 Patricia Kniespeck Milpitas, CA $4,927
20 Stella Su Union City, CA $4,927
21 Craig Carrillo Santa Rosa, CA $4,927
22 Daniel Frumkin Acton, CA $4,927
23 Stephen Bai Oakland, CA $4,927
24 Adam Nakonieczny Sacramento, CA $4,927
25 Mike Malkin San Jose, CA $4,927
26 Sam Cruz Rancho Murieta, CA $4,927
27 Brian Park Los Aktis Hills, CA $4,927
28 Francis Nguyen Huston, TX $4,025
29 Dangkhoa Doan Elk Grove, CA $4,025
30 Daniel Evans Chico, CA $4,025
31 Angelo Kratsas San Francisco, CA $4,025
32 Craig Casino Winfield, IL $4,025
33 Don Deeds Orland, CA $4,025
34 Ryan Matsuura Sacramento, CA $4,025
35 David Forrestal Riverside, CA $4,025
36 Eddie Barna Antioch, CA $4,025
37 Glenn Miller Mukilteo, WA $3,262
38 Craig Gold Belmont, CA $3,262
39 Sam Nim Milpitas, CA $3,262
40 Mike Ruter Murrieta, CA $3,262
41 Makara Nuon Stockton, CA $3,262
42 Ron Larsen Redding, CA $3,262
43 Dale Fink Black Diamond, WA $3,262
44 Lee Tabidze Danville, CA $3,262
45 Thanh Nguyen Sacramento, CA $3,262
46 Albert Sanchez Pwnryn, CA $2,984
47 Kao Saechao Sacramento, CA $2,984
48 Thien Tran San Jose, CA $2,984
49 William Frieson Crockett, CA $2,984
50 Neil Blumenfield San Francisco, CA $2,984
51 Chung Ho Daly City, CA $2,984
52 Cash Carpenter Olathe, KS $2,984
53 Tri Huynh Milpitas, CA $2,984
54 Mike Jacob Hollister, CA $2,984

Nick Shkolnik - HPT Main Event Champion - $159,599

Nick Shkolnik, First Place, January 2014 HPT Main Event. Shkolnik owned this final table, eliminating 5 of the other 8 players by himself. In the end he took less than 25 minutes heads up to defeat Hop (Ricky) Lay by calling Lay's all-in with 88 and Lay was holding 77. The board blanked for both players, the eights held, and Shkolnik's career earnings almost exactly doubled with this nearly $160k win.  (Additional information courtesy of

Ricky Lay - 2nd Place - $97,569

(Hop) Ricky Lay - 2nd Place, January 2014 HPT Main Event - $97,569. After being chipped down some, Lay shoves from the button and Nick Shkolnik immediately calls.Lay shows 77 and Shkolnik was right, he is ahead with 88. The board misses Lay completely and he is eliminated in second place, his second big cash of this series, adding to a $27k cash in the opening weekend $200,000 guarantee where he finished 3rd.  (Additional information courtesy of

Heads Up for Almost $160K

We are heads up between (Hop) Ricky Lay (left) and Nick Shkolnik (right) for the @HPTPoker Main Event tital and the $159,599 that comes with the title. This is Lay's 2nd major final table of the 2014 HPT Series at Thunder Valley, as he finished 3rd in the opening weekend $200,000 guarantee that was LiveStreamed. He cashed for $27,780 there, falling to eventual champion Kathy Stahl. Shkolnik has a large number of cashes over the past few years, mostly in southern California, and his career earnings are almost exactly equal to today's first prize.

Tom West - 3rd Place - $64,676

Tom @sbrounder West - 3rd Place January 2014 HPT Main Event. West moved all in with 33 and (Hop) Ricky Lay made the call with AJ. Lay has been calling with a Big Ace throughout the final table. This time, Lay did not flop the Ace, but he did flop the Jack and it holds. West, from Los Altos, CA, cashes for nearly 65k.  (information courtesy of

James (Rick) Colson - 4th Place - $44,968

James (Rick) Colson - 4th Place January 2014 HPT Main Event - $44,968. It sure looked as though RIck Colson had it in good or at worst might get a chop when he moved in with A9 and Nick Shkolnik called with A8, but Shkolnik has been the table killer today, knocking a number of players out in today's final table. Yep, Shkolnik flopped an 8 and no 9 ever came, ending Colson's run in 8th. The Williams, CA resident collects $44,968.  (information courtesy of

Michael Hinde - 5th Place - $33,656

Michael Hinde - 5th Place January 2014 HPT Main Event - $33,656. A shortstacked Hinde pushed for abut 880,000 and did not get any callers, an orbit later he pushed again, this time down to around 700,000 and Nick Shkolnik calls. Hinde has JT and Shkolnik is ahead with A6. The board blanks for both and Hinde, from Scotts Valley, CA, cashes for more than $33,000. (information courtesy of

Mike Riddle - 6th Place - $26,023

Mike Riddle - 6th Place January 2014 HPT Main Event - $26,023. Crippled earlier when his JJ fell to 88 all-in preflop against Rick Colson, Riddle moved all in with 22 and was hesitatingly called by the AQ of Ricky Lay in a 2 million chip pot. There was a Q on the flop, no more 2's came and Riddle, from Elk Grove, CA, is out in 6th for a $26,023 payday.

Mark Violetti - 7th Place - $21,165

Mark Violetti - 7th Place, January 2014 HPT Main Event - $12,165. Nick Shkolnik moved all in from the small blind when it folded around to him, and he had Violetti covered. Violetti hesitated a moment and then decided he was ahead with A2, so he made the call for his tournament life, and he was right. Shkolnik was holding J5, but there was a J on the flop, no A came, and Violetti, from Red Bluff, CA is out in 7th place.

Chipcounts on Break

Players at the @HPTPoker Main Event Final Table are on a 15-minute break, here are updated chipcounts.

Name Chipcount
Tom West 3,205,000
Ricky Lay 3,135,000
Mike Riddle 2,015.000
Mark Violetti 1,885,000
Michael Hinde 1,800,000
Nick Shkolnik 1,695,000
Rick Colson 615,000

Faces in the Crowd, the Final Table Edition

Here are some of the photos from the @HPTPoker Main Event final table inside the Red Lantern Restaurant at @Thunder_Valley @TVPokerRoom.

The players at the final table, and WillInTheBox

Mark Violetti of Red Bluff, the 2 seat, with Ben Erwin, Director of Poker Operations, in the background.

(from right) Mike Riddle, Rick Colson and Ricky Lay, with John Rochfort of Thunder Valley Poker Room in the background

Brett Murray - 8th Place - $17,349

Brett Murray - 8th Place - January 2014 HPT Main Event. Brett moved all in with 88 and was snap-called by Nick Shkolnik in the 1 seat. Shkolnik was holding AK, and there was an Ace in the window. The board ran out 4-6-3-9 and Murray, From Santa Rosa, CA, was eliminated in 8th place.

Jared Griener - 9th Place - $13,879

Jared Griener - 9th Place - January 2014 HPT Main Event. He moved all in with AK only to get called by the AK of Nick Shkolnik and they chopped. Three hands later he picked up 66 and ran into the AK of Ricky Lay. The board ran out A7J4T and Griener was eliminated in 9th place.

Event 13 - $150 Bounty - Results

Here are the results from Event 13 of the @HPTPoker series, the $150 hold'em with $50 bounties.

120 Entries
$10,000 Prize Pool
Paying 15 Places

Daniel Medina - Winner - Event 13 - $150 Bounty

Place Name City Cash
1 Daniel Medina Lafayette, CA $2,279
2 Raymond Yee Alhambra, CA $2,278
3 Francisco Garcia Sacramento, CA $1,207
4 Thomas Marshall Loomis, CA $894
5 Brandon Roberts Chico, CA $670
6 Thomas Poulin Antelope, CA $536
7 Renee Keahey Folsom, CA $446
8 Michael Davern Chico, CA $357
9 Daniel McGee Fair Oaks, CA $268
4 Walter Bear Elko, NV $195
5 Ronald Seeberg Grass Valley, CA $195
6 Richard Palmer Rocklin, CA $195
7 Johnny Mora II Orangevale, CA $160
8 Trevor Swensen Sacramento, CA $160
9 Patrick Lyons Hillsborough, CA $160

Final Table Time is Here

The Nationally-Televised final table of 9 for the @HPTPoker Main Event are gathered in the Red Lantern Chinese Restaurant at noon, and they are NOT here for lunch.

The Red Lantern is the stage for the final table, all 9 gathered and the action si resady to begin.

Follow the action online at, there is no commentary for the LiveStream but you can follow along with the players, and with Ben Erwin, Director of Poker Operations at Thunder Valley as he is the Table MC.

Check hand action at, just click the Thunder Valley photo on the upper right on the homepage.

Your TV Table

Nick Shkolnik - Seat 1 - Van Nuys, CA - 2,575,000

Mark Violetti - Seat 2 - Red Bluff, CA - 1,875,000

Thomas West - Seat 3 - Los Altos, CA - 1,740,000

Jared Griener - Seat 4 - Santa Ana, CA - 485,000

Michael Riddle - Seat 5 - Elk Grove, CA - 2,250,000

Brett Murray - Seat 6 - Santa Rosa, CA -1,500,000

James (Rick) Colson - Seat 7 - Williams, CA - 535,000

Hop (Ricky) Lay - Seat 8 - Galt, CA - 2,000,000

Michael Hinde - Seat 9 - Scotts Valley, CA - 1,395,000

GIna Stagnitto - 10th Place

Gina Stagnitto - 10th Place - $11,242 - Gina doubled Brett Murray, AK>KQ and moved all in about 20 hands later for 445,000. Mark Violetti started to call, and decided to muck. Ricky Lay made the call and tabled JhJs while Gina showed A7ss. The board ran out 78J65 for a set for Ricky, and Gina is eliminated on the TV Table Bubble. Mark, meanwhile, says he laid down 44 and would have hit a straight. 

Murray Doubles, and Doubles

Brett Murray has twice been all in and at risk at the 10-handed (un)official final table here.

First he doubled through Gina Stagnitto, AK>KQ, then he doubled again with AK, this time against the TT of Tom West when there was an ace in the window.

He has moved from a 10-handed starting stack of 550,000 to more than 1.5 million now.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The (un)Official Final Table

Here are the players at the (un)official final table, with chipcounts, in seat position order. One more elimination and we bag chips for the night, players keep their seat position, and we move to a Noon Monday start of the LiveStream on, 30-minute delay.

Seat Name Chipcount
1 Nick Shkolnik 2,600,000
2 Mark Violetti 1,800,000
3 Tom West 1,700,000
4 Jared Griener 600,000
5 Mike Riddle 2,650,000
6 Brett Richey 550,000
7 James Colson 530,000
8 Ricky Lap 1,500,000
9 Mike Hinde 1,500,000
10 Gina Stagnitto 970,000

Erik Werner - 11th Place

Erik Werner - 11th Place, $11,242. Werner and Nick Shkolnik bet 150k each to see a 47J, all hearts, flop. Werner check-raised all-in only to have Shkolnik snap-call with KThh, 2nd nut flush. Werner had KQ, drawing dead.

Scott Ball - 12th Place

Scott Ball - 12th Place - $11,242. Hop Lay raised, Ball shoved for 620,000 and Lay called. Ball had K7 and Lay TT. There was a T on the flop.

Jose Merino - 13th Place

Jose Merino - 13th Place - $8,397. We arrived too late to catch the bustout hand.

Level Up

The 13 remaining players are now into Level 25, blinds of 15,000/30,000 with 4,000 antes.

There is a 15-minute break at the end of this level, and the 1,000 chips will be colored up.

A Pair, a Set, Then Even Better

Mark Violetti and Erik Werner mix it up preflop and get all their chips in the middle on the flop of Q97, with Werner showing AA.

Violetti, however, hits middle set with 99, and he doesn't stop there, as the turn is the case 9, giving Violetti quads.

Yeah, quads are good enough there, Violetti moves to 1,750,000.

Werner drops to about 800,000.

James Hays - 14th Place

James Hays - 14th Place, - $8,397. He moved all-in with KK, only to run into the AA of Mike Riddle in a 3-way all-in where Nick Shkolnik had QQ. Riddle's AA held, and both players had Hays covered.

AA v KK v QQ, Oh My

There are only 14 players left, we are playing two 7-handed tables, and we just had AA v KK v QQ at table 1.

Mike Riddle raised preflop, only to have James Hays  move all in, and then to see table chipleader Nick Shkolnik move over the top all in.

Riddle snap called as he was holding AA
Hays had KK
Shkolnik had QQ

There was a gasp from the people gathered around as Paint peeled on the flop, but it was a J to go along with a 7 and a 2. The turn was a T and when the 5 fell on the river, Aces had survived a 3-way all-in.

Riddle took down a total 2.5 million chip pot, vaulting him to the overall chiplead, Hays was eliminated in 14th place and Shkolnik was chipped down to about 650,000

Colson Doubles

Michael Hinde calls the 290,000 all in preflop from James Colson and flips over A♠K♣, thinking he is in good shape.

The groan Hinde lets out, however, says he's not all that happy when Colson flips over AA.

Although Hinde calls for a QJT flop, he only hers a T, the rest of the board blanks and he slips to 700,000 chips.

We remain at 14 players, the clock showing 30 minutes left in Level 24, blinds of 12000/24000 with 3000 antes. We play tonight until there are 9 remaining.

Dan Alspach - 15th Place

Dan Alspach - Las Vegas, NV - 15th Place, $8,397

Event 12 - $225 Survivor - Results

Here are the results from Event 12 of the @HPTPoker series, the $225 Survivor

Place Name City Cash
1 Darin Stout Beaverton, OR $2,000
1 Joshua Valdez Clovis, CA $2,000
1 Brandon Boatman Clovis, CA $2,000
1 Walter Strakowski West Palm Beach, FLA $2,000
1 Carolyn Bermudez Carmichael, CA $2,000
1 Andrew Tse Walnut Creek, CA $2,000
1 Jeffery Day Berkley, CA $2,000
8 Kim Pham Campbell, CA $1,600

Taylor Tu - 16th Place

Taylor Tu - 16th Place, $6,454

Thomas Tran - 17th Place

Thomas, Tran, 17th Place, $6,454. Thomas was 3rd in the Ante Up World Championships here last August.

Loc Huang - 18th Place

Loc Huang - Sacramento, CA, 18th Place, $6,454

Final 18 Players, with Chipcounts

Here are the Final 18 players in today's @HPTPoker Main Event, with their chipcounts, in seat position order.

Table 1

Name Chipcount
Taylor Tu 220,000
Mark Violetti 750,000
Jose Murino 500,000
Hop Lay 1,300,000
Thomas Tran 400,000
James Hays 300,000
Dan Alspach 195,000
Erik Werner 1,250,000
Nick Shkolnik 1,600,000

Table 2
Name Chipcount
Jared Griener 1,250,000
Michael Hinde 850,000
Loc Hoang 210,000
Tom West 1,800,000
Brett Murray 450,000
James Colson 500,000
Mike Riddle 1,100,000
Gina Stagnitto 525,000
Scott Ball 1,100,000

19th-27th Place Results

Here are the players who finished 19th-27th place today in the @HPTPoker Main Event @TVPokerRoom

Place Name City Cash
19 Patricia Kniespeck Milpitas, CA $4,927
20 Stella Su Union City, CA $4,927
21 Craig Carrillo Santa Rosa, CA $4,927
22 Daniel Frumkin Acton, CA $4,927
23 Stephen Bai Oakland, CA $4,927
24 Adam Nakonieczny Sacramento, CA $4,927
25 Mike Malkin San Jose, CA $4,927
26 Sam Cruz Rancho Murieta, CA $4,927
27 Brian Park Los Aktis Hills, CA $4,927

So, What Happens From Here

We are deep in Day 2 of the @HPTPoker Main Event here at Thunder Valley, down to the final 22 players out of 479 entries.

But what happens from here?

The 22 players are back from their hour-long dinner break (let's see if the infamous post-dinner food coma gets anyone), playing at blinds of 8000/16000 with 2000 antes for another 30 minutes. Blinds at that point jump to 10000/20000 with a 3000 ante.

There is no redraw at 18 players, just breaking a table to get us down to two tables for play, 9-handed each,

A redraw DOES take place, however, once we are down to the UNofficial Final Table of 10. The players keep those seats through the end of the tournament. OK, maybe not those chairs, but those seat positions.

Once just one person busts from the unofficial; final table, everyone gets to go up to their (Fantastic) hotel rooms here at Thunder Valley, get hopefully a good night's sleep and return for the Nationally Televised 9-handed Final Table at noon Monday.

Everyone can follow along with the Monday action live on, with Ben Erwin, Thunder Valley's Director of Poker Operations, on the mic tableside, and Dan Ross of Holdem Radio doing the commentary.

We are NOT going to tell you who Dan's Special Guest shall be for the Final Table, you'll jsut have to log on to see.

Here They Come Back From Dinner

The 22 remaining players are on their way back from dinner break, playing blinds of 8000/16000 with 2000 antes

Redraw at 27, And Here They Are

Here is the 27-player redraw, by seat assignment, for the @HPTPoker Main Event.

Table 1

Seat Name
1 Taylor Tu
2 Mark Violetti
3 Jose Murino
4 Hop Lay
5 Gina Stagnitto
6 Daniel Frumkin
7 Patricia Kniespeck
8 Craig Carillo
9 Stephen Bai

Table 2

Seat Name
1 Loc Hoang
2 Jared Greiner
3 Brian Park
4 Nick Shkolnik
5 Mike Riddle
6 Thomas Tran
7 James Hays
8 Adam Nakonieczny
9 Dan Alspach

Table 3

Seat Name
1 Erik Werner
2 Michael Hinde
3 Mike Malkin
4 Tom West
5 Brett Murray
6 James Colson
7 Stella Su
8 Sam Cruz
9 Scott Ball

Results 28th-36th Place

Here are the players who finished 28th-36th place today in the @HPTPoker Main Event @TVPokerRoom

Place Name City Cash
28 Francis Nguyen Huston, TX $4,025
29 Dangkhoa Doan Elk Grove, CA $4,025
30 Daniel Evans Chico, CA $4,025
31 Angelo Kratsas San Francisco, CA $4,025
32 Craig Casino Winfield, IL $4,025
33 Don Deeds Orland, CA $4,025
34 Ryan Matsuura Sacramento, CA $4,025
35 David Forrestal Riverside, CA $4,025
36 Eddie Barna Antioch, CA $4,025

Results 37th-45th Place

Here are the players who finished 37th-45th place today in the @HPTPoker Main Event @TVPokerRoom

Place Name City Cash
37 Glenn Miller Mukilteo, WA $3,262
38 Craig Gold Belmont, CA $3,262
39 Sam Nim Milpitas, CA $3,262
40 Mike Ruter Murrieta, CA $3,262
41 Makara Nuon Stockton, CA $3,262
42 Ron Larsen Redding, CA $3,262
43 Dale Fink Black Diamond, WA $3,262
44 Lee Tabidze Danville, CA $3,262
45 Thanh Nguyen Sacramento, CA $3,262

Another Break, Dinner in 2 More Hours

Players are going on their next scheduled 15-minute break on the @HPTPoker Main Event, with the hour-long dinner break scheduled for 7pm tonight.

37 Players remain in the event, we are playing down to the Nationally-televised 9-handed Final Table tonight.

The LiveStream of the final table -- with Ben Erwin of Thunder Valley and Dan Ross of HoldemRadio on the mics -- is set for noon tomorrow on

Here's Some of the Big Stacks

Here are some of the top stacks in the @HPTPoker Main Event with 44 players remaining. We have just made the first money jump, with players 36-45th place now cashing for $3,262.

Name Chipcount
Eric Werner 805,000
Tom West 755,000
Scott Ball 750,000
Jared Greiner 685,000
Mike Riddle 600,000
Brett Murray 560,000
Francis Nguyen 500,000

Results 46th-54th Place

Here are the players who finished 46th-54th place today in the @HPTPoker Main Event @TVPokerRoom

Place Name City Cash
46 Albert Sanchez Pwnryn, CA $2,984
47 Kao Saechao Sacramento, CA $2,984
48 Thien Tran San Jose, CA $2,984
49 William Frieson Crockett, CA $2,984
50 Neil Blumenfield San Francisco, CA $2,984
51 Chung Ho Daly City, CA $2,984
52 Cash Carpenter Olathe, KS $2,984
53 Tri Huynh Milpitas, CA $2,984
54 Mike Jacob Hollister, CA $2,984

More Gold in the Main

We're beginning to think Craig Gold needs the nickname cockroach, because you cannot kill him off in a tournament.

Gold, who started the day 16 from the bottom of chipstacks, just moved all in for his last 55,000 from the button after Gina Stagnitto raised to 21,000 from early position and Mark Violetti flatted from the cutoff.

Stagnitto tanked, asked V for an estimate of how many chips he had, then she reraised to 126,000. Violetti thought for a full minute and folded AQ face up.

Gold showed KK and Stagnitto showed she isolated with 77.

The board ran out 9-J-J-2-9.

"Good laydown," Stagnitto said as her reraise was pulled back and 55,000 of her stack went to Gld, who moved to a high-mark for the day of 157,000 for him.

Double Trouble Near the Bubble

Jed Hoffman shoves from the cutoff with 55 Mike Riddle calls from the small blind and Jeff Spruitenburg shoves AJ off for 206K from the big blind, Riddle snap calls with AA.

AQ10 rainbow flop gives Riddle top set but Spruitenburg a gut shot to the K.

9 on the turn now adds some outs for Spruitenburg any K or 8 will give him a straight.

River 10 gives Riddle a full house and scoops a pot over 475K and sends Hoffman and Spruitenburg to the rail.

~Todd Graham @GrapheneGrinder

A One-Handed Bubble

We are hand-for-hand on the money bubble in the @HPTPoker Main Event, and on the very first hand we get an all-in and a call over at table 4.

Paul Dias had moved all in on a flop of 8♥5♠Q♥ and is called by Don Deeds, who has him well-covered.

Once the dealer can move forward, Dias shows A♥T♥ and Deeds shows J♥Jx

The turn 7x and the river 6♠ means Deeds' hand holds, he has Dias covered, and hand-for-hand lasted one hand.

The remaining 54 players are in the money.

Updated Chipcounts

Here are counts for some of the top stacks with 68 players remaining @HPTPoker Main Event, we are 14 away from the money as we start Level 18.

Don't see yourself listed, send a Tweet to @TVPokerRoom with your stack size.

Name  Chipcounts
Adam Nakonieczny 535,000
Neil Blumenfield 480,000
Daniel Evans 450,000
Tom West 420,000
Brett Murray 400,000
Taylor Tu 390,000
Eddie Barna 380,000
Francis Nguyen 370,000
Jared Greiner 315,000

Forrestal Running Like a Poker God

You knock someone out with KK, pick up KK three more times, get QQ and now you get someone to shove into your AA.

This is David Forrestal's Day 2 so far in the Main Event as his chips up to 378,000 and a top-10 stack.

A player in early position moved all-in with a micro-stack, Forrestal raised to around 40,000 and two players at the table -- Chung Ho and Stephen Bai -- tank folded.

The short stack shows 77 and Forrestal shows AA. Ho claims he folded JJ and Bai says he folded AK.

The board runs out 9K532 and Forrestal is up to 378,000, while Bai says he would have busted as he would have been all-in when the K fell.

No Win For Nguyen

Joe Nguyen opens from middle position with 2 callers 1 being Craig Casino.

Flop comes 467 hh.

Nguyen C bets, player B reraises, Casino folds. K on the turn Nguyen tank shoves, B calls shows 4c6c for 2pair

Nguyen has JJ, Casino says he folded JJ. River is a blank and Joe is out.

~Todd Graham @GrapheneGrinder

Chipleader Down

As river bluff after river bluff failed, start-of-day chipleader Jake Rosenstiel saw his 369,000 stack dwindle down, down down.

Rosenstiel was down to 140,000 by the end of the first full hour-long level, and now, about halfway through the second full level of the day he is gone, out of the tournament 30 players shy of the money.

Diamonds Don't Like Fridriksson

Lucas Fridriksson hits top pair all-in for his tournament life against Sonny Huynh on an A♦3♦6♦ board with his AJ against Huynh's K♦Q♥.

The turn is the T♦, however, giving Huynh a 4-card flush and knocking Fridriksson out of the Main Event in 87th place.

Best Boat Don't Lie

We pick up the action on the turn as Bob Mather is all in with 66 and called by Dan Alspach with TT, and Mather should be feeling great.


Because the flop was 633, he flopped a boat and called the turn all in with two pair.

The river?

T♦ .. .boat over boat ....  a two-outer sends Mather to the rail in 93rd place.

In the (poker-tweaked) words of Rasheed Wallace, Boat Don't Lie.

Are You Verbally Committed?

Over at Table 3 with blinds at 2000/4000, Joe Nguyen, a former @HPTPoker Fresno Main Event champ has moved all in for around 38,000. Without realizing there is an all-in out there, James Colson announced "12," indicating a bet of 12,000.

Once it was pointed out Nguyen was all-in -- and before Colson had put any chips out in front of him -- Colson mucked his cards, causing others at the table to ask the dealer for Colson's 12,000 chips to go into the pot.

Floor is called, and Colson argues that even if he was betting 12,000, it is not a legal bet as it is far below the 38,000 Nguyen has out there, so he should not be committed to his chips being moved into the pot.

Tournament director Jeremy Smith and Thunder Valley's John Rochfort rule the verbal "12" was a commitment to bet 12,000 chips, and Colson is told to move the chips in, and his cards remain in the muck.

Do you agree or disagree? Add your comments below.

100 Remain, 54 cash

We lost 29 players in the first 69 minutes of play in Day2 of the @HPTPoker Main Event, with 54 cashing today and first place being just shy of $160,000.

Here are the payouts for today

Place Cash
1 $159,599
2 $97,569
3 $64,676
4 $44,968
5 $33,656
6 $26,023
7 $21,165
8 $17,349
9 $13,879
10-12 $11,242
13-15 $8,397
16-18 $6,454
19-27 $4,927
28-36 $4,025
37-45 $3,262
46-54 $2,984

Around the Twitteratti on Day 2

We are coming up on the first 15-minute break of the day, and here's what players are saying via Twitter.

Gina Says No to Zarrdogg for Today

Greg @zarrdogg White ran his AK into 99 a while ago, seeing a 9 come to take him for a big part of his stack.

Now er gets moved to a new table, and this time he looks down to see he is the one holding 99 this time.

He gets his chips in the middle and the big stack of Gina Stagnitto makes the call with 22.

Quack, quack quack ...

Stagnitto turns a set and White's day has come to an end with 106 players remaining.

Warner gets Fernando to Fold

Exequiel Fernando leads out for 7,200 from the cutoff and both blinds come along.

The blinds check the 3♣9♠6♠ flop, only to see Fernando make it 12000.

Erik Werner makes the call from the SB and the BB quickly mucks.

The Q♣ turn comes out and Werner fires out 8 orange 5k chips, 40,000 total and Fernando clearly does not like what he sees.

He rechecks his hand, counts out his stack and sees the 40,000 bet is for most of his stack. After a full three minutes, the cards go in the muck.

We are halfway through Level 15 and we've only lost 9 players so far today. 

More For Justo, None For Stan

With 46,000 already in preflop and the board reading 9♦ Q♦ J♠ on the flop, Ante Up World Champion Justo Avalos moved all in on the very first hand today, placing his remaining 47,000 at risk.
Dangkhoa Doan tanked for a solid three minutes before mucking his hand and seeing Avalos chip up.

Stan Jablonski was facing a call of an all-in at his table as well, needing to add 28,400 more to see why Joseph Ranciato moved all in on a 26T flop.

"If you had me, your money would be in already," chirped Ranciato. Jablonski laughed and tanked for an additional 2 minutes before finally saying.
"Show me?" and getting a snap-call of "Sure."

Jablonski mucked 88 face-up and Ranciato showed KT for top pair,

Lets Play Down to 9

There are 129 players coming back today at 11am to play down to 9, to come back Monday afternoon, to be on TV playing for nearly $160,000 up top.

Welcome to Day 2 of the Heartland Poker Tour Main Event here at Thunder Valley.

Jake Rosenstiel of Sacramento leads everyone with 369,000 in chips, as the players jump back into play with 8:45 remaining in Level 14, blinds of 1200/2400 with 300 antes.

We'll be doing regular updates of the action, and there is a LiveStream of the Final Table tomorrow on

Sit back, enjoy, and follow along as your friends and family play their way to the Final Table.

Day 2 Seat Assignments

Day 2 Chipcounts

Day 2 Seat Assignments

Daniel Frumkin1341,200
Tony Nguyen2215,600
Ahmed Ahmed355,100
Michael Hinde4110,900
Kao Saechao583,000
Triet Nguyen6100,200
Loc Hoang781,100
Sean McCabe8158,100
Lee Tabidze9179,600
Bob Mather1148,300
Dan Alspach2187,600
William Wendling365,400
David Forrestal4223,200
Chris Worley5128,300
Hafiz Khan676,600
Stephen Bai782,100
Anibal Sanchez888,000
David Roldan979,600
James Colson189,300
Evan Maurer256,100
Stan Jablonski3110,600
Toby Robbins433,300
Mike Malkin538,000
Joe Nguyen690,200
Joseph Ranciato729,300
Andrew Shelton8182,800
Eddie Barna9113,500
Scott Ball1101,600
Sonny Huynh2133,000
Jake Rosenstiel3369,000
Jeffrey Davis462,100
Thien Tran595,800
Randy Gil6107,200
Dan Stir7115,200
Hop Kay821,000
Lucas Fridriksson989,100
Jose Merino1129,800
Pete Gregory2100,100
James Ohlweiler3121,400
Mark Violetti485,700
Sjoeke Lazor530,000
Mike Ruter674,000
Michael Riddle765,300
Eric Tyler867,200
Gina Stagnitto9240,800
Julian Galvan153,400
Kelsey Hendricks288,800
Daniel Evans3125,800
Andrew Tse462,400
Steven Nicholson5118,400
Glenn Miller6235,500
Taylor Tu790,000
Ron Larson8244,600
Ari Shin960,800
San Nim1115,300
Sang Tran267,500
Nick Wooderson3147,300
Neil Blumenfield4197,300
Mitchell Bailey5121,600
Kelly Giannetti640,900
Cash Carpenter788,500
Eric Matulis849,400
Angelo Kratsas9125,200
Craig Carrillo1136,300
Jared Griener2298,900
Jimmy Zeledon347,100
Ryan Matsuura452,000
Darrell Cain583,600
Makara Nuon6201,100
Alan Snow7103,600
Khim Chhu822,300
Valerie Cross921,800
Walt Stratkowski194,700
Roger Styer268,800
Thanh Nguyen340,100
Joe Arent484,300
Justo Avalos569,100
Paul Dias6269,200
Tim McDermott733,000
Jeff Day866,100
Dangkhoa Doan9231,800
Deryl Taylor1105,800
Sam Hudson296,000
Duc Nguyen370,700
Andrew Ho4175,300
Nick Shkolnik5163,900
Don Deeds6165,500
Loyd Vaughn7129,100
Darren Hicks8110,700
William Frieson1115,400
David Paletta250,600
Warren Jegglie326,900
Joe Barry4152,600
Adam Nakonieczny5248,600
Edward Lewis641,700
Tom West799,700
Brett Murray8244,400
Jeff Spruitenburg1141,100
Steve Kujubu254,900
Dale Fink386,100
Craig Casino4168,500
Jed Hoffman5122,300
Garth Daniels699,300
Patricia Kniespeck780,300
Rick Drury837,800
Yanki Koppel1207,800
Loren Klien2185,400
Brian Park391,600
Stella Su451,100
Mike Jacob5133,700
James Hays672,500
Srinivasa Godavarthy784,700
Richard Guzzo839,700
Sam Cruz1187,000
Ezekial Fernando291,800
Shahab Tavafrashti3117,200
Erik Werner4277,100
Francis Nguyen5200,100
Greg White6121,200
Craig Gold744,600
Chung Ho829,700
Doug Cox158,900
David Lepiten247,400
Steven Geralis370,500
Ronald Cook413,000
Sorjan Shiba573,500
Yossi Krispin665,600
Thomas Tran7204,900
Adam Miller851,900