Sunday, January 25, 2015

AA v KK v QQ, Oh My

There are only 14 players left, we are playing two 7-handed tables, and we just had AA v KK v QQ at table 1.

Mike Riddle raised preflop, only to have James Hays  move all in, and then to see table chipleader Nick Shkolnik move over the top all in.

Riddle snap called as he was holding AA
Hays had KK
Shkolnik had QQ

There was a gasp from the people gathered around as Paint peeled on the flop, but it was a J to go along with a 7 and a 2. The turn was a T and when the 5 fell on the river, Aces had survived a 3-way all-in.

Riddle took down a total 2.5 million chip pot, vaulting him to the overall chiplead, Hays was eliminated in 14th place and Shkolnik was chipped down to about 650,000