Sunday, January 25, 2015

Are You Verbally Committed?

Over at Table 3 with blinds at 2000/4000, Joe Nguyen, a former @HPTPoker Fresno Main Event champ has moved all in for around 38,000. Without realizing there is an all-in out there, James Colson announced "12," indicating a bet of 12,000.

Once it was pointed out Nguyen was all-in -- and before Colson had put any chips out in front of him -- Colson mucked his cards, causing others at the table to ask the dealer for Colson's 12,000 chips to go into the pot.

Floor is called, and Colson argues that even if he was betting 12,000, it is not a legal bet as it is far below the 38,000 Nguyen has out there, so he should not be committed to his chips being moved into the pot.

Tournament director Jeremy Smith and Thunder Valley's John Rochfort rule the verbal "12" was a commitment to bet 12,000 chips, and Colson is told to move the chips in, and his cards remain in the muck.

Do you agree or disagree? Add your comments below.