Sunday, January 25, 2015

Forrestal Running Like a Poker God

You knock someone out with KK, pick up KK three more times, get QQ and now you get someone to shove into your AA.

This is David Forrestal's Day 2 so far in the Main Event as his chips up to 378,000 and a top-10 stack.

A player in early position moved all-in with a micro-stack, Forrestal raised to around 40,000 and two players at the table -- Chung Ho and Stephen Bai -- tank folded.

The short stack shows 77 and Forrestal shows AA. Ho claims he folded JJ and Bai says he folded AK.

The board runs out 9K532 and Forrestal is up to 378,000, while Bai says he would have busted as he would have been all-in when the K fell.