Sunday, January 25, 2015

More For Justo, None For Stan

With 46,000 already in preflop and the board reading 9♦ Q♦ J♠ on the flop, Ante Up World Champion Justo Avalos moved all in on the very first hand today, placing his remaining 47,000 at risk.
Dangkhoa Doan tanked for a solid three minutes before mucking his hand and seeing Avalos chip up.

Stan Jablonski was facing a call of an all-in at his table as well, needing to add 28,400 more to see why Joseph Ranciato moved all in on a 26T flop.

"If you had me, your money would be in already," chirped Ranciato. Jablonski laughed and tanked for an additional 2 minutes before finally saying.
"Show me?" and getting a snap-call of "Sure."

Jablonski mucked 88 face-up and Ranciato showed KT for top pair,