Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Gold in the Main

We're beginning to think Craig Gold needs the nickname cockroach, because you cannot kill him off in a tournament.

Gold, who started the day 16 from the bottom of chipstacks, just moved all in for his last 55,000 from the button after Gina Stagnitto raised to 21,000 from early position and Mark Violetti flatted from the cutoff.

Stagnitto tanked, asked V for an estimate of how many chips he had, then she reraised to 126,000. Violetti thought for a full minute and folded AQ face up.

Gold showed KK and Stagnitto showed she isolated with 77.

The board ran out 9-J-J-2-9.

"Good laydown," Stagnitto said as her reraise was pulled back and 55,000 of her stack went to Gld, who moved to a high-mark for the day of 157,000 for him.