Sunday, January 25, 2015

So, What Happens From Here

We are deep in Day 2 of the @HPTPoker Main Event here at Thunder Valley, down to the final 22 players out of 479 entries.

But what happens from here?

The 22 players are back from their hour-long dinner break (let's see if the infamous post-dinner food coma gets anyone), playing at blinds of 8000/16000 with 2000 antes for another 30 minutes. Blinds at that point jump to 10000/20000 with a 3000 ante.

There is no redraw at 18 players, just breaking a table to get us down to two tables for play, 9-handed each,

A redraw DOES take place, however, once we are down to the UNofficial Final Table of 10. The players keep those seats through the end of the tournament. OK, maybe not those chairs, but those seat positions.

Once just one person busts from the unofficial; final table, everyone gets to go up to their (Fantastic) hotel rooms here at Thunder Valley, get hopefully a good night's sleep and return for the Nationally Televised 9-handed Final Table at noon Monday.

Everyone can follow along with the Monday action live on, with Ben Erwin, Thunder Valley's Director of Poker Operations, on the mic tableside, and Dan Ross of Holdem Radio doing the commentary.

We are NOT going to tell you who Dan's Special Guest shall be for the Final Table, you'll jsut have to log on to see.