Monday, March 30, 2015


TOTAL ENTRIES: 83             TOTAL PRIZE POOL: $4,814


Saturday, March 28, 2015


ENTRIES: 49 / PRIZE POOL: $4,900
1ST      LAURENCE HUGHES             SEATTLE, WA $1,420
2ND    JOSH HANNAH                      JACKSONVILLE, FL $980
3RD    FRED SORIA                             ROSEVILLE, CA $637
4TH    ED SCOTT                                 MARYSVILLE, CA $490
5TH    MIKE TIPOFF                          LINCOLN, CA   $368
6TH    ALEX WHITE                            SUISUN CITY, CA $294
7TH    PAUL BROWN                        AUBURN, CA $233
8TH     THAI NGUYEN                      ROSEVILLE, CA $184
9TH    JAVIER VIDAL                        SACRAMENTO, CA $147
10TH  BEAN TOKUNAGA               ROSEVILLE, CA $147

Monday, March 23, 2015


TOTAL ENTRIES: 115          TOTAL PRIZE POOL: $6,670


Saturday, March 21, 2015


ENTRIES: 62 / PRIZE POOL: $6,200
1ST      TOM KESSLER                        CARMICHAEL, CA $1,281
2ND    SAP SU                                      SACRAMENTO, CA $1,281
3RD     ADRIAN SILVESCU               ARLINGTON, VA $1,281
4TH     PATRICK DAY                         GRASS VALLEY, CA $620
5TH     RICHARD PALMER                ROCKLIN, CA $465
7TH     DAVID MCLENNAN              ROCKLIN, CA $295
8TH     JOSELITO ARANZA                SAN JOSE, CA $233
9TH     NICK WOLFE                           VALLEY SPRINGS, CA $186
10TH   HERMAN DODD                     SACRAMENTO, CA $186


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WPT Final Table LiveStream

Welcome to our LiveStream of the WPT Rolling Thunder Final Table

Event 6 - WPT Black Chip Bounty - Results

Here are the results for Event 6 of the #WPTRollingThunder series, the $300 Black Chip Bounty

153 Entries
$25,254 Prize Pool
Paid 20 places

Place Name City Cash
1 Jason Scott La Quinta, CA $3,500
2 Cheng Xiong Las Vegas, NV $2,446
3 Eric Sprague Roseville, CA $2,446
4 Kirk Rexford Folsom, CA $2,446
5 Travis Fujisaka Walnut Creek, CA $2,446
6 Ryan Riggins Cottonwood, CA $2,446
7 John Holden Placerville, CA $2,445
8 John Huey Sacramento, CA $2,445
9 Everett Stutsman Sacramento, CA $649
10 Kenneth Moynahan Vacaville, CA $472
11 Chip Thon Redding, CA $472
12 Adrian Silvescu  Arlington, VA $472
13 Rudy Robledo Sacramento, CA $389
14 Eric Croteau Trinidad, CA $389
15 Keith Graziano Sonora, CA $389
16 Austin Pickering Mather, CA $331
17 Brian Decosse Nevada City, CA $331
18 Sharon Sanchez Penryn, CA $331
19 James Silver n/a $200
20 Katherin Brun-kani Davis, CA $200

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Event 6 - Black Chip Bounty Pay Structure

Here is the prize pool for Event 6 of the #WPTRolling Thunder series, the $300 BLack Chip Bounty

153 Entries
$25,254 Prize Pool

Place Cash
1 $6,499
2 $4,552
3 $2,928
4 $2,169
5 $1,626
6 $1,300
7 $1,080
8 $866
9 $649
10-12 $472
13-15 $389
16-18 $331

Event 5 - $555 6-Max - Results

Here are the results for Event 5 of the #WPTRollingThunder series, the $555 6-Max

62 Entries
$31,000 Prize Pool

Place Name Cash
1 Ian Bey $8,989
2 James Ramirez $6,200
3 Sean Drake $4,030
4 Oluwashola Akindele $3,100
5 Gary Pisanek $2,325
6 Evan Maurer $1,860
7 Michael Wang $1,473
8 Sheila Triggs $1,163
9 Richard Palmer $930
10 Ari Engel $930

And Then There Were Six

The TV Table has been set, 6 players remain battling tomorrow afternoon for a quarter million dollars and the title of WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event Champion.

Taylor Paur (Top) who won the Bay 101 title last week, goes for back-to-back WPT titles, going against Jesse Rockowitz (middle), Rex Clinkscales (right) Harrison Gimbel, Jeff Griffiths and Ravi Mathi (6th at Bay 101 last week).

Follow the action on a 30-minute LiveSteam delay at

Event 5 - $555 6-Max - Payout Structure

Here is the prize pool for Event 5 of the #WPTRolling Thunder series, the $555 6-Max

62 Entries
$31,000 Prize Pool

Place Cash
1 $8,989
2 $6,200
3 $4,030
4 $3,100
5 $2,325
6 $1,860
7 $1,473
8 $1,163
9 $930
10 $930

12 Remain, Seats and Chipcounts

The elimination of Ari Engel in 13th place brought a redraw for the final two tables here at the World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Main Event.

Here are the seat assignments, with chipcounts courtesy of the WPT Live Updates Team.

Table Seat Name Chipcount

1 Rex Clinkscales 1,760,000

2 Jordan Cristos 310,000

3 Taylor Paur 1,870,000

4 Jesse Rockowitz 1,275,000

5 JJ Liu 445,000

6 Ravee Mathi Sundar 1,430,000
Table 2

1 Jeff Griffiths 920,000

2 Joe Kuether 582,000

3 Phil Hui 480,000

4 Sam Panzica 530,000

5 Sakat Batra 598,000

6 Harrison GImbel 1,298,000
Dan Ross

Event 4 - $30,000 Guarantee - Results

Ging Masinda-Quinto, Event 3 Winner WPT Rolling Thunder Series, $30,000 Guarantee

Here are the results from Event 4 of the World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Series, the $30,000 Guarantee.

156 Entries
$41,340 Prize Pool

Place Name City Name
1 Ging Masinda Quinto Anaheim, CA $10,202
2 Soon Saelor Antelope, CA $7,354
3 Rick Saelee Oakland, CA $4,795
4 John Solis Pleasanton, CA $3,551
5 Angelo Kratsas San Francisco, CA $2,662
6 Victor Wan Alameda, CA $2,129
7 Aaron Rieff Sebastopol, CA $1,769
8 Brian Decosse Nevada City, CA $1,418
9 Kirk Rexford Folsom, CA $1,062
10 Kao Saechao Portland, OR $773
11 Javier Vidal Sacrameno, CA $773
12 Jack Friedlander Roseville, CA $773
13 Paul Brown Auburn, CA $637
14 Lacy Smith III W. Sacramento, CA $637
15 Larry Odegard San Jose, CA $637
16 Phuc Chao Oakland, CA $542
17 Jimmy Zeladon N. Highlands, CA $542
18 Khanh Trinh Sacramento, CA $542
19 Patrick Lyons Hillsboro, CA $542

Event 3 - $1100 with $500 Bounties - Results

Here are the results for Event 3 of the #WPTRollingThunder series, the $1100 with $500 bounties

111 Entries
$58,275 Prize Pool

Place Name City Cash
1 Kanishka Muntazir Union City, CA $13,019
2 Cameron Martin Redding, CA $7,022
3 Richard Balistreri S. San Francisco, CA $7,022
4 Edward Bailey Los Altos, CA $7,022
5 Dermot Lyons W. Sacramento, CA $7,022
6 Kenneth Moore Canal Winchester, OH $7,022
7 Dean Reno San Jose, CA $2,733
8 Kevin Eyster Denver, CO $2,185
9 Matt Salsberg Studio City, CA $1,643
10 John Newmerzhycky McKinleyville, CA $1,195
11 Roy Armstrong Rocklin, CA $1,195
12 Francisco Sanchez Lopez Santa Rosa, CA $1,195

We're Going From 18 to 6 Today

From a start of 379 entries, we are now to Day 3 and the final 18 players in the @WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event.

Play today runs until we reach the TV Table of 6, bagging chips and coming back at Noon Wednesday, LiveStreaming the table on

Here are the seat assignments for today, follow along as we play down to 8.

There is 51 minutes left in Level 20, we move to 90-minute-long levels after this.

Day 3 Main Event Seat Assignments

Here are the @WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event Seat Assignments for the final 18 players coming back at Noon Tuesday for Day 3.

Table Seat Name Chipcount
1 1 Rex Clinkscales   807,000 

2 JJ Liu  533,000

3 Raymond Dandrea    582,000 

4 Darren Elias   397,000

5 Jeff Griffiths  958,000

6 Phillip Hui   1,067,000

2 1 Eric Matulis 114,000

2 Joe Kuether  978,000

3 Sakat Batra  715,000

4 Harrison Gimbel   557,000

5 Jordan Cristos   410,000

6 Sam Panzica   433,000

3 1 Jesse Rockowitz 475,000 

2 Michael Hada 75,000

3 Ravee Mathi Sundar 1,058,000

4 Ronald DeChance 307,000

5 Ari Engel  399,000

6 Taylor Paur 1,400,000

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let's Move On To Tuesday

That's a wrap for Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Main Event here at Thunder Valley.

Starting with 152 players, we burned through all but the last 13% of the field, leaving just 18 to move on to Tuesday's Day 3.

Among those advancing is Taylor Paur, the champ from the last WPT stop over at Bay 101 Casino in San Jose. If Paur takes this down it means just two people, Paur and Anthony Zinno, have won the last 4 WPT stops, as Zinno went back-to-back at Fallsview and the LAPC.

We'll be here with all the action tomorrow, and we'll have official chipcounts plus the table draw for the final 3 tables, in just a few moments.

Don't forget to watch the LiveStream final table starting at 12:30pm Wednesday (30 minute delay, so stay away from Twitter to keep Spoilers At Bay at

Where Are They Going So Fast?

Four eliminations in just three minutes and we are down to 21 players, with 90 minutes of play at max left in the night.

6-Max play has done what it is designed to do ... whittle the field down as we approach the final two days.

A Hard Stop was set at either the end of Level 20 or when the field was reduced to 18 players.

Well, 3 more eliminations or 90 minutes, take your pick as to what is reached first ....

Day 3 kicks off at Noon Tuesday, and the TV Final Table is live at Noon, with the LiveStream on (where ALL of poker is migrating to these days) on a 30-minute delay.

Welcome to 6-Max Time

We are down to 36 players in the @WPT Main Evnet, that means it is time for a redraw to six 6-handed tables ... 6-max time is here.

Event 4 - $30,000 Guarantee - Payout Structure

Here is the prize pool for Event 3 of the #WPTRolling Thunder series, the $1100 with $500 bounties

156 Entries
$41,340 Prize Pool

Seat Name
1 $10,644
2 $7,454
3 $4,795
4 $3,551
5 $2,662
6 $2,129
7 $1,769
8 $1,418
9 $1,062
10-12 $773
13-15 $773
16-18 $542

Greer Bubbles

Garrett Greer, one of the WPT Ones TO Watch this season, is all in with AK and his opponent has JJ.

Greer's hand does not improve and the money bubble has burst.

The remaining 45 players are in the money, the mincash is $6705 with a quarter million dollars up top

Her is the official payouts list

On The Bubble

We are on the money bubble in the @WPT Main Event.
Here is the official prize pool for the Main Event.

$1,197,400 Prize Pool
379 Entries
Paying 45 places
Winner also receives $15,400 WPT Championship entry

Place Cash
1 $251,457
2 $176,018
3 $113,154
4 $83,818
5 $62,864
6 $50,291
7 $41,909
8 $33,527
9 $25,145
10-12 $18,320
13-15 $14,968
16-18 $12,812
19-21 $11,256
22-24 $10,058
25-27 $8,861
28-36 $7,783
37-45 $6,705

We're Baaaaack

Cards are in the air @WPT main event, blinds at @allenkessler approved 2500/5000 and 500 antes.

This is Level 17, playing four full 60-minute levels tonight, or stopping at 18 players.

There are 487 players remaining, the money is at 45, and we move to a 6-max format at 36 players.

Those who bag chips return Noon Tuesday to play down to the TV Table of 6 on Wednesday.

Wednesday's FT is being LiveStreamed on and also being hosted by a number of Twitch channels including HoldemRadioLive.

Event 3 - $1100 with $500 Bounties - Prize Pool

Here are the results for Event 3 of the #WPTRolling Thunder series, the $1100 with $500 bounties

111 Entries
$58,275 Prize Pool

Seat Name City Cash
1 $16,404 x $
2 $11,486 x $
3 $7,383 x $
4 $5,472 x $
5 $4,103 x $
6 $3,281 x $
7 x x $2,733
8 x x $2,185
9 xx x $
10 x x $1,195
11 xx x $1,195
12 x x $1,195

Dinner Break

The remaining 48 players in the @WPT Main Event are on a 75-minute dinner break.
Play resumes at 745pm
Players are in the money at 45

10 From the Money $$$$$

55 Players left in the WPT Rolling Thunder Main event. 10 More eliminations and we will officially be in the money.

Each will earn a minimum of $6,705 and still be in the hunt for the top prize of over $250,000.

~Todd Graham

When Big Stacks Collide Battle Between Chipleaders: Phillip Hui vs. Ari Engel

Phillip Hui raises under the gun to 7,000, J.J. Liu calls from the hijack, and Ari Engel reraises from the button to 22,000. Hui thinks for a while before he calls, and Liu folds.

The flop comes 9diamond6heart4heart, Hui checks, Engel bets 21,000, and Hui calls.

The turn is the Kspade, Hui checks, Engel bets 45,000, and Hui calls.

The river is the 2spade, and both players check. Hui shows 7spade5spade for seven high, and Engel turns over QheartJclub to win the pot with queen high.

Another player at the table says, "Jesus Christ" as he's surprised to see the hands they turned over.

Ari Engel  -  436,000  (145 bb)
Phillip Hui  -  418,000  (139 bb)

WPT Live Update Team

Who is Left?

90 players remain in Day 2 of @WPT Main Event, and here are some of the names, by table

10 - Doc Sands, JJ Liu
9 - Galen Hall, Scotty Nguyen, Sean Drake, Shawn Cunix, Joe Kuether, Jommy Zeladon
8 - Jeff Wakamiya, Candace Collins, Tim May, Jeff Lennon
7 - Mukul Pahuja, Marvin Rettenmeier, Jordan Cristos, Andy Hwang, 
6- Dylan Wilkerson, Taylor Paur
5 - Ryan Riess, Jesse Rockowitz, David Tuthill, 
4 - Daniel Streilitz, Phillip Hui, Jeff Madsen, Ari Engel
3 - Michael Rocco, 
2 - Garrett Greer
1 - Anthony Zinno, 

"Mad Marvin" Rettenmaier get's K's Cracked

Former 2 time WPT Champ Marvin Rettenmaier get's his KhKd cracked by the flush draw of opponent in huge 250K+ chip pot. After the hit Rettenmaier stack drops to around 100K.

~Todd Graham

Tuthill Quacks Up

The UTG player makes it 4500 and action folds around to David Tuthill in the bb, who makes the call.

Tuthill checks the T82 flop, and the other player bets out 7200. Tuthill 3-bets to 19000 and the other player 4-bets all in.

Tuthill flips out a single chip, indicating a call, then turns over 22 for bottom set. He sees KhTh for top pair from the other player and rakes in the chips as the other player is eliminated.

Former WPT Bay 101 Champion Chipping Up.

Steve Brecher started the day dead last in chips with 14.7K, less than half of the original starting stack.

Even though the field has lost nearly 50 players in the first few levels, Brecher has clawed his way back to nearly 60K.

How far can the former WPT champ go, stay tuned and find out.

~Todd Graham

112 Remain

The first two hours of Day 1B are in the books and we are down to 112 players in the $1.2 milly prize pool Main Event.

Among those still in the field are Garrett Greer, Michael Rocco, Lily Kiletto, Ari Engel, Jesse Rockowitz, Anthony Zinno, Erle Mankin, Randy Gil, Allen Le, Ronit Chamaria, Candace Collins, Tim May, Mukul Mahuja, Marvin Rettenmeier, Andy Hwang, Galen Hall, Scotty Nguyen, Joe Kuether, Jimmy Zeladon, Ravi Raghavan, JJ Liu, Ryan Riess, Kelly Douglas, Jeff Lennon, David Tuthill, Dylan Wilkerson, Steve Brecher, Shawn Cunix, Jeff Madsen, Sean Drake and Doc Sands

"Ones to Watch" Candice Collins Doubles Up

Candice Collins "Ones to Watch" was able to double up through Raymond Chan with a flopped straight vs Chan's pocket 10's.

Candice moves to just under 100K in chips.

~Todd Graham

Riess Chips Up

David Tuthill leads out for a minraise from early position and Kelly Douglas flats from the cutoff. Ryan Riess makes it 12,000 from the button and Tuthill slows down to think it out.

Tuthill releases and Douglas takes a while before deciding to call.

Both players check the 6s8s9h flop, and check again the 8d turn.

Douglas checks a 3rd time when the Qh falls on the river.

Riess drops two 5,000 orange chips on the table, and Douglas calls.

Riess shows AQ for 2 pair and Douglas mucks.

Riess moves up to 89,000 and Douglas slides to 115,000

Hollywood Gets Chips From Douglas

The flop came out 44Jdd and @Kellyd7127 Douglas lead out into @Jeff_Lennon for 4400.

Lennon didn't hesitate long before putting the rest of his chip in the middle, causing Douglas to back up a bit and think this one out.

Douglas and 'Hollywood' are friends who know one another from playing on the northern California/northern Nevada poker circuit, so both know the other's tendencies to bet big, bet the nuts, and also to push others off hands.

Douglas eventually decides to lay his hand down, and Hollywood flashes KdKh.

The look on Douglas' face showed that Hollywood was good.

Fernandez Bluffs Hall

Joe Fernandez, owner of @TurlockPoker in central California, moves all in preflop into the bigger stck of Galen Hall, stands up behind his chair and watches as the dealer counts out his stack of about 75,000.

Hall doesn't exactly tank, but he is working through a lot of scenarios in his head.

"Show one (card) if I show one?" he asks Fernanadez, a laugh in his voice as he asks.

"I would rather you call and I will show you both cards," says Fernandez, with a big grin on his face. "But you are not ahead," counters Hall.

About 45 seconds go by, Hall slides his chips off his cards, hesitates, and releases the cards.

Fernandez reaches over before sitting down and flips over AJ offsuit.

Hall tosses his head back and laughs, a clear tone of a grimace in that voice.

"Like I said, you were not ahead," said Hall

"Of course I was not ahead," laughed Fernandez as a few at the table also join in the chuckles.

Chainsaw Out of Gas Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler eliminated from WPT Main Event

Raiser from late position raises, Allen moves allin for his last 16K in chips. Allen flips over AQ vs JJ of his opponent. Flop comes Jxx all but sealing Allen's fate, A on the turn will end Allen's run in the main event.

~Todd Graham

Day 2 Main Event is On

Here we go, 17 tables today, playing down to Wednesday's TV Table of the final 6 players in the @WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event.

We'd list the pro's in today's field but that would take about 45 minutes to type all their names,  so we are cheating and just giving you the link to the Seat Assignments and Chipcounts from the two Day 1's.

We start at Level 11, 60-minutes-long, blinds of 600/1200 with 200 antes. THe schedule is to play 10 levels today, with 90-minure-levels kicking in starting with Level 21.

Follow all the action here and on Twitter @HRLiveUpdates

Want to be a $500 Bounty? Get Down Here Now

That's right, an $1,100 buyin with $500 bounties has just started here at Thunder Valley.

Come join us today for this, kicked off at 11am, one hour before Day 2 of the WPT Rolling THunder Main Event, should be a great day here in the poker room

Day 2 Seat Assignments

Here are the seat assignments for the players advancing to Monday's Day 2 of the @WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event.

Day 2 Players by Chipcount

Here are the 152 players who advanced to Day 2 of the @WPT Main Event, listed by chipcounts.

That's a Wrap for Day 1B

The final Day 1 of the @WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event has come to a close, with xx players bagging chips to join the 70 who advanced yesterday. Day 2 kicks off at Noon Monday.

We'll have official chipcounts and the Day 2 seat assignments later this morning, but for now here's a list of some of the players who bagged tonight.

James Calderaro, Ryan Riess, Faraz Jaka, Ari Engel, Allen Kessler, Ronit Chamania, Candace Collins, Jeff Madsen, Jesse Rockowitz, Michael Rocco, David Tuthill, Randy Lew, Mukul Pahuja, Ryan D'Angelo, Joe Kuether, Andy Hwang, Joe Fernandez, Loren Cloninger, Kelly Douglas, Jeff Wakamiya, Jeff Lennon

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Who is Still in?

We are in the last hour-long level of Day 1B, blinds of 500/1000 with 100 antes. Remaining players bag chips just shy of midnight and join the 70 who bagged last night. Play resumes at noon Monday.

So, who is still here?

Mike 'GoLeafsGoEh' Leah, David Tuthill, Candace Collins, Matt Salsberg, Jeff Madsen, Jesse Rockowitz, Allen Le, James Caldarero, Andw Hwang, Ari Engel, Dylan Wilkerson, Cornel Cimpan, Ravi Raghavan, Joe Kuether, Ryan Riess, Mukul Pahuja, Faraz Jaka, Ryan D'Angelo, Ronit Chamaria, Allen Kessler, Mo Charania, Michael Rocco, Randy Lew

Kelly Douglas, Loren Cloninger, Jed Hoffman, Jeff Lennon, Joe Fernandez, Brian Gudim, Justo Avalos, Jeff Wakamiya, Kyle Kitagawa, Jimmy Zeladon, Ricky Lay

The Poker Roller Coaster

The Swings of No Limit Holdem can be Vicious, just ask Kelly Douglas.

In a hand early in day 1b Kelly was involved in a hand where his opponent 4 bet shoved allin with AJcc vs Kelly's AdAh flop comes A7J giving Kelly top set vs top 2 pair and a 99.9% favorite to win the hand. J on the turn gives his opponent life with 1 out, only the last J in the deck will beat Kelly's made Full house.... guess what, You guessed it, river J gives quad J's vs the AAAJJ Full house dropping Kelly to 6k.

By dinner break Kelly had recovered to 28K, just under the starting stack of 30K. Early in level 8 the 1 seat opens the pot, Kelly flats and the big blind reraises, kelly calls, flop comes Q75, action is to Kelly he checks BB raises to 1,600, Kelly makes it 5,600, BB makes it 15,000 Kelly shoves and BB calls, BB shows KQ for top pair Kelly shows 55 for bottom set, turn is a 5 giving Kelly quad 5's and sealing the victory and elevating him to just over 60K in chips.

So be sure to fasten your seat belt and prepare for one wicked ride when playing No Limit Texas Holdem.

~Todd Graham

Who Wants a Quarter Milly? Prize Pool Posted

Here is the official prize pool for the 2015 @WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event.

$1,197,400 Prize Pool
379 Entries
Paying 45 places
Winner also receives $15,400 WPT Championship entry

Place Cash
1 $251,457
2 $176,018
3 $113,154
4 $83,818
5 $62,864
6 $50,291
7 $41,909
8 $33,527
9 $25,145
10-12 $18,320
13-15 $14,968
16-18 $12,812
19-21 $11,256
22-24 $10,058
25-27 $8,861
28-36 $7,783
37-45 $6,705

JC Tran out of WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event

No repeat for JC Tran, for the second time today JC ran JJ into QQ.

Player from middle position shoves allin for his last 7K, JC reshoves from the button for 15K.

The short stack shows QQ vs JJ of JC board runs out 4783Q giving the short stack QQQ.

JC is left with around 8K, shortly after was all in preflop with 5-5, and he needs his hand to hold to stay alive against his opponent's A-K.

The board comes K-K-K-A-6, and Tran's opponent flops quad kings to eliminate Tran from the tournament. (WPT team)

~Todd Graham

379 For WPT Man Event

Registration is closed for the @WPT Man Event, the board shows 198 today, bringing the 2-day total to 379 entries.

This should bring place total prize pool in the neighborhood of $1.2 million and a first place of right around a quarter-million dollars.

Official numbers are due in shortly, and we'll have that posted as soon as it is available.

183 With Dinner in 15 MInutes

The board shows 183 entries so far and a 75-minute dinner coming in 15 minutes here at the @WPT Main Event.

Late registration is open through the dinner break, with cards scheduled to go back in the air at 7:45 p.m.

With 181 entries yesterday, the total field size is at 364 right now. We'll have the full prize pool shortly after late registration ends.

More Faces in the Crowd, Day 1B

Here are some of the local players who are in the house for Day 1B of the @WPT Main Event

Chris Hinchcliffe

Jon des Pois

Joe Fernandez

Alan Mastic

Georgio Medici

Mark Violetti

Jesse Rockowitz

Loren Cloninger

Ricky Lay

Jeff Hollywood Lennon

Jed Hoffman

Tanya Kirk

Jeff Wakamiya

Ed (H8s2looz) Miller

Brian Gudim

Tuyet Nguyen

When The WPT is Away ...

The TD will play ... @Bay101Casino TD @BGudim, that is ..

Faces in the Crowd, Day 1B

Here are some of the pro's entered so far in Day 1B @WPT Main Event

Cornel Cimpan

Joe Kuether

Allen Le

Jeff Madsen

Candace Collins

Andy Hwang

Matt Salzberg

Ari Engel
Allen Kessler

Ronit Chamani

Ryan Riess

Michael Rocco

Matt Affleck

Amir Lehavot

Christian Harder

JC Tran

Jake Balsiger (not JC Tran)