Monday, March 16, 2015

Fernandez Bluffs Hall

Joe Fernandez, owner of @TurlockPoker in central California, moves all in preflop into the bigger stck of Galen Hall, stands up behind his chair and watches as the dealer counts out his stack of about 75,000.

Hall doesn't exactly tank, but he is working through a lot of scenarios in his head.

"Show one (card) if I show one?" he asks Fernanadez, a laugh in his voice as he asks.

"I would rather you call and I will show you both cards," says Fernandez, with a big grin on his face. "But you are not ahead," counters Hall.

About 45 seconds go by, Hall slides his chips off his cards, hesitates, and releases the cards.

Fernandez reaches over before sitting down and flips over AJ offsuit.

Hall tosses his head back and laughs, a clear tone of a grimace in that voice.

"Like I said, you were not ahead," said Hall

"Of course I was not ahead," laughed Fernandez as a few at the table also join in the chuckles.