Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Poker Roller Coaster

The Swings of No Limit Holdem can be Vicious, just ask Kelly Douglas.

In a hand early in day 1b Kelly was involved in a hand where his opponent 4 bet shoved allin with AJcc vs Kelly's AdAh flop comes A7J giving Kelly top set vs top 2 pair and a 99.9% favorite to win the hand. J on the turn gives his opponent life with 1 out, only the last J in the deck will beat Kelly's made Full house.... guess what, You guessed it, river J gives quad J's vs the AAAJJ Full house dropping Kelly to 6k.

By dinner break Kelly had recovered to 28K, just under the starting stack of 30K. Early in level 8 the 1 seat opens the pot, Kelly flats and the big blind reraises, kelly calls, flop comes Q75, action is to Kelly he checks BB raises to 1,600, Kelly makes it 5,600, BB makes it 15,000 Kelly shoves and BB calls, BB shows KQ for top pair Kelly shows 55 for bottom set, turn is a 5 giving Kelly quad 5's and sealing the victory and elevating him to just over 60K in chips.

So be sure to fasten your seat belt and prepare for one wicked ride when playing No Limit Texas Holdem.

~Todd Graham