Monday, March 16, 2015

When Big Stacks Collide Battle Between Chipleaders: Phillip Hui vs. Ari Engel

Phillip Hui raises under the gun to 7,000, J.J. Liu calls from the hijack, and Ari Engel reraises from the button to 22,000. Hui thinks for a while before he calls, and Liu folds.

The flop comes 9diamond6heart4heart, Hui checks, Engel bets 21,000, and Hui calls.

The turn is the Kspade, Hui checks, Engel bets 45,000, and Hui calls.

The river is the 2spade, and both players check. Hui shows 7spade5spade for seven high, and Engel turns over QheartJclub to win the pot with queen high.

Another player at the table says, "Jesus Christ" as he's surprised to see the hands they turned over.

Ari Engel  -  436,000  (145 bb)
Phillip Hui  -  418,000  (139 bb)

WPT Live Update Team