Monday, April 27, 2015

Event 8 - $100 w/$25 bounties - Results

Here are the results for Event 8, the $100 with $25 bounties

$5,394 Prize Pool
93 Players
Pays 12 Places

Place Name City Cash
1 Nathan Hudson
Sacramento, CA
2 Frank Curren
Citrus Heights
3 William Heinselman
Rancho Cordova, CA
4 Sharon Sanchez
Penryn, CA
5 Joe Walker
Auburn, CA
6 Fred Soria
Roseville, CA
7 Frank Mottram
Orangevale, CA
8 Robert Devera
Fairfield, CA

9 Eric Keller
10 Mike Gilligan
Vallejo, CA
11 Hanh Le
Elk Grove, CA
12 Jeff Hart

Sacramento, CA


Sunday, April 26, 2015

$880 Main Event - Results

Kao Saevang, 2 Pair Poker Tour 2015 Main Event Champion

Here are the results from the @2PairPoker $880 Main Event

$117,176 Prize Pool
151 Entries
Pays 23 Places

Place Name City Cash
1 Kao Saevang Sacramento, CA $30,106
2 A.L. Waseem Folsom, CA $20,570
3 Dan Stir Sacramento, CA $13,450
4 Mike Hubbard Santa Rosa, CA $9,750
5 Joe Ranciato Granite Bay, CA $7,450
6 Adam Duong Sacramento, CA $5,550
7 Mike Riddle Elk Grove, CA $4,050
8 Steven Geralis n/a $2,950
9 Prabkahar Thonduru Dublin, CA $2,250
10 Kao Vang Pleasant Grove, CA $2,250
11 Monte Gilley Live Oak, CA $1,900
12 Hoang Nguyen Elk Grove, CA $1,900
13 Matthew Dillon Oakland, CA $1,650
14 Rasul Sderchento Carmichael, CA $1,650
15 Gina Stagnitto Brentwood, CA $1,500
16 Dermot Lyons Sacramento, CA $1,500
17 Sharon Sanchez Penryn, CA $1,350
18 Mario Sequeira Hanford, CA $1,350
19 Joe Kenney Windsor, CA $1,200
20 Darrell Cain Fair Oaks, CA $,1200
21 Shawn Daniels Placerville, CA $1,200
22 Sasid Zaidi San Francisco, CA $1,200
23 Sok Chean W. Sacramento, CA $1,200

Kao Saevang - 1st Place

Quite a ride for Kao Saevang here at the @2PairPoker Tour Main Event.  He started the day 5th in chips, made the final table, was nearly eliminated and fights back to take down the title.

Down to 12 outs and all-in for his tournament life 3-handed with Dan Stir and A.L. Waseem, Saevang caught runner-runner flush to take a commanding chiplead into his heads-up match with Waseem.

Waseem, however, doubled up on one of the first hands and the two players were suddenly fairly close in chips. Less than 10 minutes later, Saevang calls Wassem's all in and is way ahead with his QJ against his opponent's Q7.

His QJ holds and Saevang is the winner of the inaugural 2 Pair Poker Tour Main Event. The Sacramento resident earns $30,106 for his win.

A.L. Waseem - 2nd Place

A.L. Waseem announces all-in and Kao Saevang says call.

Waseem tuns over Q7 and fins he is drawing thin as Saevang is holding QJ

The flop is 93A, no help to Waseem, who is facing just 3 outs to survive.

A K falls on the turn, and when an A hits the river to pair the board, Waseem is eliminated in second place, earning $20,570 as runner up.

3-Way All-in For The TItle

One hand after Dan Stir lost all but 2 blinds in a massive pot with A.L. Waseem, he is all in from the big blind as Kao Saevang raises to 125,000 and Waseem calls.

The flop is Td4c5c and Waseem announces all-in, having Saevang covered, and Saevang CALLS.

Waseem has A4 for bottom pair.
Saevang has Ah3h for a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw.
If Waseem holds this tournament is over.

The turn in 9h and Saevang picks up a full flush draw.

A Qh hits the river, Saevang gets there, and takes 1,029,000 from Waseem, cutting him down to 640,000, while Stir's J2 doesn't get there and he is eliminated in 3rd place, earning $13k

Event 7 - $140 Bankroll Builder - Results

Here are the results for Event 7 of the @2PairPoker Tour, the $140 Bankroll Builder

45 Entries
Pays 6 places

Place Name City Cash
1 Gregory Williams Lincoln, CA $900
2 Ronald Cristian Roseville, CA $900
3 Ryan Ordonez Sacramento, CA $900
4 Jose DelValle Salinas, CA $900
5 Michael Xayamongkoum Sacramento, CA $900
6 Chris Hinchcliffe Olympia, WA $900

Mike Hubbard - 4th Place

One hand after his AQ was devastated by Q5 on a A23 flop (5 on turn), Mike Hubbard has been eliminated in 4th place from the @2PairPoker Main Event.

Hubbard, end of Day 1A chipleader, takes home to Santa Rosa $9,570 for his 4th place finish

Whoa, Did That Just Happen?

We show up to see a three way all in between Kao Saevang, A.L. Waseem and Mike Hubbard, now check this out.

Waseem has 77, and has the other two players covered.
Hubbard has AQ
Saevang ... Q5 off.

The flop is 23A, TOp pair for Hubbard, no help for Waseem and a backdoor wheel draw for Saevang.

Yep, the turn is a 5, and Saevang, the short stack, hits his wheel, taking 494,000 from each of the other two players, leaving Hubbard with one blind and Waseem is down to fewer than 350,000.

Saevang is now the overwhelming chipleader with 1.5 million, half of all the chips in play.

AK v AK and AK Wins

Dan Stir and Mike Hubbard are all in preflop, both turning over AK offsuit

The flop comes out KQ5 with 2 diamonds, and Stir holds the Ad so he has a backdoor flush draw.

Another 5 falls on the turn, no diamond, and we'll chop up this hand that was worth a potential 1.55 million chips, or in other words, the players will just take back their stacks

Updated Chipcounts

Here are official chipcounts for the remaining @2PairPoker Main Event players as they go on a 20-minute break. Players return to Level 24, blinds of 12,000/24,000 and antes of 4,000.

The chart below includes big blinds per player and the 'M' - or number of orbits before blinding out - per player.

Name Chipcount BB M
Dan Stir 861,000 36 16.5
A.L. Waseem 855,000 35 16.4
Mike Hubbard 708,000 29 13.6
Kao Saevang 597,000 25 11.5

Rare 4-bet Pre Here

Kao Saevang fold, and A.L. Waseem raises to 55,000 from the button.
Mike Hubbard makes it 125,000 from the small blind and Dan Stir, in the big blind, goes into the tank.
Stir checks the stacks of teh other two players, tehn somewhat reluctantly mucks.
Waseem pauses for about 20 seconds, and slides out two 20-chip towers of 5,000 chips, and a few others for a 4-bet to 280,000.
Hubbard gives this little thought before getting away from the hand, keeping about 740,000 behind.
Waseem moves to close to 800,000

Come Play Our 7pm Bounty Tourney

Come on down at 7pm tonight for our $100 hold'em with $25 bounties, always a fun tournament. We run this every Sunday and the players have a great time.

Players start with 6,000 chips, play 25-minute levels, with late registration and re-entries open until the start of level 5

Joe Ranciato - 5th Place

A great run for Joe Ranciato has ended with  5th place finish. Ranciato started today 17th of 18 total in the Day 2 field with just 46,500 chips. He was up to nearly 500,000 at one point in the final table, and had slid to fewer than 300,000 by the time he moved all in with 44, only to be called by the 99 of Kao Saevang.

The board ran out 2-5-7-K-T and Ranciato is eliminated in 5th place, taking home $7,450.

Level 23 Started

We have moved to Level 23, blinds of 10,000/20,000 with a 3,000 ante. The average stack size now is 604,000, or 30 big blinds, or for those out there into M Theory, you have 13m as an average stack.

Payouts for Final Five

Here are what the final 5 players in the 2 Pair Main Event stand to earn today.

The five remaining players are Joe Ranciato, A.L. Waseem, Mike Hubbard, Dan Stir and Kao Saevang.

Place Cash
1 $30,106
2 $20,570
3 $13,450
4 $9,750
5 $7,450

Event 7 - $140 Bankroll Builder - Payouts

Here is the prize payout for Event 7, the @2PairPoker $140 bankroll builder. 12 percent of the field receives $1,000 and today the 6th place receives the balance of the prize pool

$5,400 prize pool
45 players
Pays 6 places

Place Cash
1 $1,000
2 $1,000
3 $1,000
4 $1,000
5 $1,000
6 $400

5-Handed Official Chipcounts

Here are official chipcounts for the remaining 5 @2PairPoker Main Event players.

Blinds are 8000/16000 with 200 antes when we return from break.

Seat Name Chipcount
1 Joe Ranciato 578,000
2 A.L. Waseem 784,000
4 Mike Hubbard 634,000
5 Dan Stir 529,000
8 Kao Saevang 496,000

Adam Duong - 6th Place

Adam Duong was eliminated on the last hand before break, he takes home $5,550 for his finish.

We are now 5-handed, players on a 10-minute break, we'll have updated chipcounts in just a moment

Our Final 6

We are 6-handed here at the @2Pair Poker Tour Main Event.

Joe Ranciato is making a great run. He started the day 17th of 18, and here he is in the final 6, sitting in the 1 seat.
A.L. Waseem is in the 2 seat
Adam Duong, who doubled early in the day through mike Hubbard, is in the 3 seat.
Hubbard, your start of day chipleader, is in the 4 seat.
The 5 seat is Dan Stir.
Kao Saevang is in the 8 seat today.

Riddle out 7th

We arrive just as @ireraiz, Mike Riddle, busted out in 7th place in the @2PairPoker Main Event.

Mike cashes for $4,050.

Just before Riddle's elimination, we lost Steven Geralis in 8th place, earning $2,950

Doung Doubles

We pick up the action on a J23cc flop and Adam Doung leading out for 19,000. Chipleader Mike Hubbard hesitates and makes the call.

Another J comes on the turn and Doung makes it 39,000. Another hesitation and another call from Hubbard.

The 7c hits the river, completing a possible flush, and Doung moves all in for his last 86,000. Hubbard calls and Doung shows the nuts, A9cc. Hubbard flashes a J for a turned set, and mucks.

Doung is up to more than 350k

Our Final Table

Here are the seat assignments for the @2PairPoker Main Event Final Table

Seat Name Chipcount
1 Joe Ranciato 188,000
2 A.L. Waseem 385,000
3 Adam Duong 177,000
4 Mike Hubbard 635,000
5 Dan Stir 501,000
6 Mike Riddle 72,000
7 Steven Geralis 449,000
8 Kao Saevang 564,000
9 Prabhakar Thonduru 51,000

Vang Bubbles

Kao Vang is the Final Table Bubble here at the @2PairPoker Tour $880 Main Event.

Vang cashes for $2,250.

Final Table Bubble

With the elimination of Monty Gilley in 11th place, we have reached the 9-handed final table bubble, running his 77 into the other player's AA.

Gilley cashed for $1,900.

Bankroll Builder Running Now

Late registration is open until 2:35 p.m. today for Event 7, the $140 Bankroll Builder in the @2PairPoker Tour series.

Players start with 7500 chips, play 20-minute levels, and the event shuts down once we are at 12 percent of the field, with each player taking home $1,000.

There are 32 entries right now, and about 80 minutes left to register.

Geralis Climbing

Steven Geralis, who started the day at 235,000 in chips, is now up to about 560,000. He just eliminated Hoang Nguyne in 12th place.

Geralis raised to 15,000 (with blinds at 300/6000 and a 1000 ante) and Nguyen moved all in for his last 55,000.

Geralis didn't like the position he was in, thought about it for 45 seconds or so, and reluctantly called, tabling AToff.

Nguyen turned over 44 and called out "no ten."

There was no T on the 3K6 flop, but the card Nguyen asked NOT be shown, well, it arrived on the turn, a T there and the 9 river brought the end of his day in 12th place.

Dillon Down

We arrived as the action concluded, but @biggerbreadbox, Matthew Dillon, has been eliminated from the @2PairPoker Main Event in 13th place by Kao Saevang, who now has more than 500,000 chips.

2 More 2 Pair Tourneys 2 Day

There are two more @2Pair Poker Tour tournaments today here at Thunder Valley.

At 1 p.m. cards go in the air for the $140 buyin Bankroll Builder event, where the final 12 percent of the field all take home $1,000.

At 7 p.m. is our Sunday Knockout, a $100 buyin with $25 bounties, one of our most popular weekly tournaments.

Come out and join us, and come over to watch live the finals of the $880 Main Event while you're at it.

Down to 13

We lost Gina Stagnitto and Rasul Sderchento in that level, bringing us down to 13 players now.

2 Fast Bustouts

Although we went 20 minutes at @2Pair Poker Main Event without a player busting out, we lost Mario Sequeira and Sharon Sanchez within the same 30-second time frame.

This moves us to 16 players, two 8-handed tables. There is a redraw once we are down to nine.

Ready For Day 2

The final 18 players in the @2PairPoker Main Event take their seats - with cards in the air - in 10 minutes, paying for a $30,106 first prize in this $880 buyin event that drew 151 total entries.

Mike Hubbard of Santa Rosa, with 483,000, is your overnight chipleader.

Here are the seat assignments with chipcounts for each player.

Here is the prize pool and payouts they are playing for.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 2 Seat Assignments

Here are the seat assignments for the final 18 players in the @2pairPoker Main Event, restart at 11am Sunday.

Table Seat Name Chipcount
1 1 Mike Hubbard 483,000

2 Kao Saevang 226,000

3 Matthew Dillon 392,000

4 Mike Gilley 85,000

5 Kao Vang 51,000

6 Dan Stir 173,000

Table Seat Name Chipcount
2 1 Gina Stagnitto 167,500

2 Steven Geralis 235,000

3 Sharon Sanchez 92,500

4 Joe Ranciato 46,500

5 Rasul Sderchento 39,500

6 Dermot Lyons 61,000

Table Seat Name Chipcount
3 1 Waseem A 435,00

2 Mario Sequeira 66,500

3 Mike Riddle 146,500

4 Hoang Nguyen 153,000

5 Adam Duong 133,000

6 Prabhakar Thonduru 60,500

11 Advancing to Sunday

These 11 players survived Day 1B of the @2PairPoker Main Event for the final day, playing for a $30k first prize, and bagged chips to come back at 11am Sunday.

Joe Kenney was 12th, Darrell Cain 13th and Shawn Daniels 14th today, all cashing for $1,200 but did not advance to Sunday.

Name Chipcount
Waseem A. 435,000
Matthew Dillon 392,000
Steven Geralis 235,000
Kao Saevang 226,000
Mike Riddle 146,500
Sharon Sanchez 92,500
Monte Gilley 85,000
Mario Sequeira 66,500
Prabhakar Thonduru 60,500
Joe Ranciato 46,500
Rasul Sderchento 39,500

Kenney Cracks Armstrong's KK

Blind-on-Blind clash as Joe Kenney moves all in from the small blind and Roy Armstrong snap-calls from the big blind.

Armstrong flips over KK and sees Kenney, all in for 38,400, holding AQ.

The flop is 445, but the Ace of Spades peels off on the turn. The river 3 means a full double for Kenney while Armstrong falls to 26,000.

Players are on a 10-minute break, coming back to blinds of 1500/3000 with 500 antes.

1 Away from Hand-for-Hand

16 remain, 14 cash, 11 advance from Day 1B @2PairPoker tour Main Event ... one more elimination until hand-for-hand play begins. We just lost Tom West to bring us down to 16 players, two full 8-handed tables.
12-14th place cash for $1,200 tonight.

Half The Field Bags It

22 remain @2PairPoker Main Event, and 11 are going to bag chips at the end of the night. Among those still in the hunt for the $30k top prize are

-- Shawn Daniels
-- Tom West
-- Kelly Giannetti
-- Mike Riddle
-- Joe Kenney
-- Roy Armstrong
-- Darrell Cain

Recent eliminations include Martin Kampmann and Bruce Angeski

Recents To The Rail

Among the recent eliminations @2PairPoker Main Event are Cary @Moe_Rawn Marshall and Al Ahlm of @TheWSPS.
25 players remain, playing down to 11, 12-14th place cash for $1,200 tonight.

27 Breaks

Time for the remaining 27 @2PairPoker Main Event players to get away for 10 minutes on a break. When the players come back, they face blinds of 1000/2000 with 300 antes.

Glenn Larsen of Team No Pair Air has recently been eliminated, as has 2014 Ante Up Poker Tour World Champion Justo Avalos.

Riddle Doubles Thru Boddorf

Matt @pokernews916 Boddorf raises to 4000 and Mike @ireraiz Riddle kicks his entire stack in the middle. With no hesitation, Boddorf makes the call.
Riddle turns over AQ and BOddorf shows 99.
There was not a lot of drama here, as the flop was AQx, leaving Boddorf only two outs, neither that came on the turn or river.
The dealer counted out 18,900 chips in front of Riddle, Boddorf shipped that amount across, about 40 percent of his stack.

31 players remain, 20 eliminations until the end of the night

Who Plays Sunday With These 7?

36 players remain Day 1B @2PairPoker tour Main Event, 11 are going to bag-n-tag somewhere around 10:15 p.m. (our edumacated guesstimate) to come back at 11 a.m. Sunday for Day 2.

Those 11 are going to be joined by the 7 players who advanced from Day 1A, led by the massive stack of Mike Hubbard, who bagged 310,000 more than 2nd palce yesterday.

Name Chipcount
Mike Hubbard 483,000
Dan Stir 173,000
Gina Stagnitto 167,500
Hoang Nguyen 153,000
Adam Duong 133,000
Dermot Lyons 61,000
Kao Vang 51,000

Updated Chipcounts

Here are some very unofficial chipcounts from Level 10, Day 1B @2PairPoker Tour Main Event.

Player Chipcount
Shawn Daniels 98,000
Darrell Cain 77,000
Tom West 72,000
Joe Kenney 63,000
Roy Armstrong 56,000
Justo Avalos 54,000
Matt Boddorf 48,000
Kelly Giannetti 47,000
Cary Marshall 37,000
Mike Riddle 37,000
Ed Miller 25,000
Martin Kampmann 23,000
Art Tanimoto 18,000
Al Ahlm 14,000
Glenn Larsen 10,000
Bob Mather out
Candace Collins out
Shain Matthews out
Greg White out
Chris Hinchcliffe out
Loren Cloninger out
Jon Des Pois out
Sharon Helldorfer out

Recent Eliminations

Among the recent eliminations @2PairPoker Main Event are Candace @candacepoker Collins, Shain @Smatthews67 Matthews.
44 Players remain, playing down to 11, 12-14th place cash for $1,200 but do not advance to Sunday's 11am start Day 2.

Main Event Payouts - $30k Up Top

Here is the payout table for the @2PairPoker $880 Main Event

$117,176 Prize Pool
151 Entries
Pays 23 Places

Place Cash
1 $30,106
2 $20,570
3 $13,450
4 $9,750
5 $7,450
6 $5,550
7 $4,050
8 $2,950
9-10 $2,250
11-12 $1,900
13-14 $1,650
15-16 $1,500
17-18 $1,350
19-23 $1,200


Greg @zarrdogg White leads out for 3600 on a Kd7dx flop, and Shawn Daniels comes along.

The Qh comes on the turn, and White makes it 5200, only to see Daniels bet enough to put Zarrdogg all in.

White thinks for about 90 seconds, and undershoves with AK, only to see Daniels turn over QQ for a set.

The 5d comes on the river, but there's no flush to be found, and White is Zarrdown.

2 Tourneys Tomorrow

Spend your Sunday with us. Start out over at the Buffet or Thunder Cafe, then come out and watch the @2Pair Poker Main Event play down to the final table, then jump into one of the tournaments taking place

At 11 a.m. is Day 2 of the $880 Main Event, with 18 players returning.

1 p.m. brings the $140 Bankroll Builder, where the final 12 percent of the field all earn $1,000.

7 p.m. is the ever-popular $100 Sunday Night Knockout with $25 bounties.

151 Total for Main Event

Registration has closed on the @2PairPoker Main Event, and the clock shows a 2-day total of 151 entries for the $880 buyin event.

Seven players advanced from Day 1A to Sunday's 11am Day 2, and another 11 are going to bag chips tonight to make Day 2. Players finishing in 12th-14th place all cash today for $1,200 but do not move on to Day 2.

We'll have the full payouts shortly.

Who is Playing Where?

Here are some table draws during Level 5 of @2PairPoker $880 Main Event.

Table 1
Justo Avalos, Ed Miller

Table 2
Mike RIddle, Sharon Helldorfer, Darrell Cain, Matt Boddorf, Bob Mather

Table 3
Art Tanimoto, Jon Des Pois, Joe Kenney, Roy Armstrong

Table 4
Shawn Daniels, Shain Matthews, Chris Hinchcliffe, Cary Marshall

Table 6
Greg White, Al Ahlm

Table 7
Candace Collins, Glenn Larsen

Table 8
Steven Jackson, Bruce Angeski, Loren Cloninger

Table 9
Martin Kampmann, Kelly Giannetti

Across The Twitterati

Here's what the Twitterati are rumbling about while playing @2PairPoker Main Event Day 1B.

In They Come, Out They Go

Among the late arrivals @2PairPoker $880 Main Event are Chris Hinchcliffe, MIke Riddle, Ricky Lay, Shain Matthews, Art Tanimoto and Jon Des Pois.

Among those eliminated today are Rick Colson and 2 Pair Pro Matt Boddorf

Faces in the Crowd, the 2 Pair Main Event Edition

Here are some of the players in Day 1B of the @2PairPoker $880 Championship Main Event.

Greg 'zarrdogg' White, Team Blue Shark Optics/Grinder Gear/HoldemRadio Team Pro

Al Ahlm, Western Senior Poker Series

Glenn Larsen, Team No Pair Air Poker

Martin Kampmann, Team RunItUp, Team Alpha Male

Kelly Giannetti

Candace Collins, 2015 WPT Ones To Watch, trying to take a selfie as Cary Marshall, 2012 WSOP Circuit Lake Tahoe Main Event Champ, tries to sneak into the photo

Joe Kenney

Loren Cloninger

Toan Nguyen

Shawn Daniels, Team 2 Pair Poker Pro

Rick Colson, 

Roy Armstrong

Ed Miller

Justo Avalos, 2014 Ante Up World Champion

Bob Mather

Sharon (Stone) Helldrofer, and Darrell Cain of the Western Senior Poker Series

Firing Up Day 1B

11am cards go in the air for Day 1B of the @2PairPoker Main Event, an $880 buyin with 20k starting stacks, 40-minute levels and one re-entry per person.

Late registration is open until about 3:20 p.m. Follow all the action here today

Friday, April 24, 2015

Onward These 7 Go

Here are the 7 players advancing today to Sunday's Day 2 @2PairPoker Main Event from a starting field of 60.
Mike Hubbard of Santa Rosa, with 483,000, is more than 300,000 clear of the rest of the Day 1A field.
Sok Chean finished 9th and Said Zaidi finished 8th, both cashing for $1,200 but not advancing to Day 2.

Name Chipcount
Mike Hubbard 483,000
Dan Stir 173,000
Gina Stagnitto 167,500
Hoang Nguyen 153,000
Adam Duong 133,000
Dermot Lyons 61,000
Kao Vang 51,000

Event 4 - $365 Heads-Up - Results

Cary Marshall, left, and Tom Carpenter, right

Here are the results from event 4 of the @2PairPoker tour series, the $365 Heads-up event.

Place Name City Cash
1 Cary Marshall Reno, NV $4,649
1 Thomas Carpenter . $4,649
3 Mike Riddle .. $2,325
3 Louis Phan .. $2,325
5 James (Rick) Colson .. $1,163
5 David Diiorio ..$1,163
5 Steven Jackson .. $1,163
5 Josh Pedretti .. $1,163

Chop Up the Heads Up

Cary @Moe-Rawn Marshall and Tom Carpenter chopped the @2PairPoker tour heads-up title this afternoon, crushing each other's stacks only to see one another keep battling back, They eventually shrugged, shook hands and walked away with a shared title and equal parts of the remaining prize pool, a total of $4,649 each.

Event 5 - $235 OFC - Results

Here are the results from Event 5 of the @2PairPoker tour, a $235 OFC tourney.

$4,600 Prize Pool
23 Entries
Pays 4 places

Place Name City Cash
1 Brendon Thomson Loomis, CA $1,506
2 Nicholas Colvin Fairfield, CA $1,225
3 Coung Dinh Burtonsville, MD $1,225
4 Benjamin Barad San Rafael, CA $644

Marshall v. Carpenter for Heads-Up Title

Cary Marshall, left, and Tom Carpenter, right.

Cary @moe_rawn Marshall has just defeated Mike @ireraiz Riddle in the second @2PairPoker semifinals match, winning 2-0 in the best-of-3 match.

Marshall advances to play Tom Carpenter in the best-of-3 championship event. The winner of the 62-player event takes home $5,578 and second place earns $3,720.

Here's what both players posted on Twitter as the Marshall v. Riddle match concluded.

20 to the Close of Day 1A

Playing down to 7 in @2PairPoker championship main event Day 1A today, and there are 27 remaining after 5 hours of play.

Blinds are about to move to 400/800 with a 100 ante we we approach Level 9. Players are now on a 10-minute break. Remember, there is no dinner break in the 2 Pair Poker Tour Championship event schedule, so play is going to wrap up for the night earlier than most main events.

Still in the field at this time are 2 Pair CHampionship Qualifiers Roy Armstrong, Justo Laos and Roy Tanimoto, along with 2 Pair pro Sean Drake, 2 Pair Tour Ambassador Lon McEachern, as well as Ed Miller, Gina Stagnitto and Mark Violetti.

2 Are Gonna Cash Today in Main

2 players are making the money in 2day's @2PairPoker tour $880 Season Championship Main Event.

A total of 60 entries were recorded for Day 1A, and under the main event structure, 15 percent of the field cashes, with 12 percent advancing to Sunday's Day 2. This means the players finishing 8th and 9th today are in the money, with the final seven advancing to Sunday.

Day 1B kicks off at 11am Saturday, under the same format of 20,000 starting stacks, 40-minute levels and 15 percent cashing/12 percent advancing to Sunday's Day 2.

Among those still in the field today are 2 Pair Tour Ambassador Lon McEachern, 2 Pair Team Pro Sean Drake, Ed Miller, Gina Stagnitto, Dana Muse, Jon Des Pois, Glen Larsen, Mark Violetti and two 2 Pair Poker Tour qualifiers, Justo Laos from The 101 Casino in Petaluma and Roy Armstrong who won at Casino Royale in Sacramento.

Final Four is Set in Heads Up

Mike @ireraiz Riddle defeats Rick Colson in quarterfinals of @2PairPoker tour $365 heads-up match to advance to the Final Four.

Riddle now plays 2012 WSOP Circuit Lake Tahoe Main Event champion Cary Marshall in the FInal Four.

Winner of the Riddle v. Marshall match advances to the finals, where that person meets up with Tom Carpenter.

Carpenter has just defeated Luis Phan to advance to the championship best-2-of-of-3 match,

Our Next 1-Day, $100k is Coming

One of our best 1-day events of the year, our $100,000 guarantee, is coming back on Saturday, June 6. Turnout is always great for this tournament. Come out the day before for one of our three $90 satellites to win your way in to the $400 buyin. Watch for more details coming soon.

Faces in the Crowd, Day 1A

Here are some of the players in Day 1A of @2PairPoker $880 Championships.

Lon McEachern, 2 Pair Poker Tour Ambassador

Ed Miller, 2nd place, HPT Thunder Valley 2014

Gina Stagnitto

Justo Laos, 2 Pair Champion, The 101 Casino, Petaluma, CA

Jon Des Pois, 2nd place HPT Thunder Valley 2014

Roy Armstrong, 4th place, Ante Up NorCal Calssic, Thunder Valley 2013

Sean Drake, 2 Pair Team Pro

Glenn Larson, No Pair Air

Athena Dunn

John Sheehan

Check out the Heads-Up Players

Tom Carpenter, left, battles Louis Phan in the first Semifinals match of the @2PairPoker tour heads-up $365 buyin tournament.

Rick Colson, left, is paired up with Mike Riddle in the last quarterfinals match. Winner of this match plays Cary Marshall of Reno in the semifinals, with the winner of that match playing the Carpenter/Phan winner in the finals.

Day 1A Main Event is NOW

Cards are in the air for the inaugural @2PairPoker Tour Championships, an $880 buyin, 8-handed event with 20,000 starting stacks and 40 minute levels.

Bag chips for Day 2 (play concludes when down to 12% of the starting field) and levels jump to 50 minutes.

Day 1B goes at 11am tomorrow, and the final day kicks off at 11am Sunday.

There are 29 entries as play begins, with late entry and a single re-entry per player per flight open until the start of Level 7 today, about 3:20pm.

Heads Up Wraps Up Today

We're down the the final few matches in @2PairPoker tour $365 Heads-Up event, with cards in the air now for those matches.

Rick Colson and Mike Riddle pair up to determine the final person in the Final Four, with the winner going against Cary Marshall of Reno.

T. Carpenter and L. Phan are playing in the one Final Four match that is already set.

Heads Up To Conclude Friday

With a series of @2PairPoker tour Heads-up tourney matches still running, and the Final Four matches not yet started, play for the event is going to continue Friday late morning.

Two matches are still running now, Bettencourt v. Colson (winner faces Riddle to advance to Final Four, winner there meets Marshall in Final Four) and Jackson v. Carpenter (winner faces Phan in Final Four).

Check out the brackets here, to see how everyone progressed.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Heads Up Brackets

Here are your brackets for the 2@PairPoker $365 Heads-Up matches today.
We've advanced 2 players into the Final Four, one match still going to get us to the last Elite Eight matchup.
5th-8th place all earn $1,163
3rd-4th place earn $2,325
Runner-up in heads-up takes home $3,720
Your winner picks up $5,578 and serious bragging rights.

Down to 7 in OFC

We started with 23 players in the @2PairPoker tour $235 buyin Open Face Chinese tourney, and we are now down to 7.
Four players make the money, with the winner taking home $1,840.
Second place earns $1,288, there's $828 for 3rd place and 4th takes home $644 tonight.

Event 3 - Big O - Results

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Here are the results from @2PairPoker Tour Event 3 - $200 Big O -

$10,888 Prize Pool
64 Entries
Pays 10 Places

Place Name City Cash
1 Ryan Leonis San Carlos, CA $2,502
2 Benjamin Barad San Rafael, CA $2,177
3 Alan Hartnick Nevada City, CA $2,067
4 Andrew Barber Sacramento, CA $1,088
5 Amelia Richardson Rocklin, CA $816
6 Christopher Frazier Clovis, CA $653
7 Brendan Thomson Loomis, CA $517
8 John Wagnon Fresno, CA $408
9 Carlton Camrye Carmichael, CA $326
9 Ted C. Sacramento, CA $326

2Pair Poker Tour Heads Up

The @2PairPoker Tour Heads Up Championships Bracket is set and we are under way.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Event 2 - $150 w/$50 Bounties - Results

Here are the results from Event 2 of @2PairPoker series, the $150 with $50 bounties.
$6,825 Prize Pool
91 Entries
Pays 12 Places

Place Name City Cash
1 Jeff Lennon Fresno, CA $1,922
2 Sap Su Sacramento, CA $1,345
3 Brandon Carr Irvine, CA $865
4 Doug Howell Rocklin, CA $641
5 Tom Chu Redding, CA $480
6 Austin Pickering Mather, CA $384
7 Charlito Aseberos Elk Grove, CA $320
8 Juergen Kunkmann Sacramento, CA $256
9 Bobby Lee Marysville, CA $192
10 Bruce Fling Citrus Heights, CA $140
11 Batman Wong Sacramento, CA $140
12 Klaus Langer Atwater, CA $140

Heads-Up Seat Draws, So Far

Here are the brackets for the @2PairPoker Heads-Up $365 tourney, so far. 48 entered, 16 open seats, registration open until 64 players entered, or when cards go in the air 11 am tomorrow, whatever comes first.

Bracket 1
Match Name
1 To. Nguyen


Match Name
2 J. Des Pois

M. Violetti

Match  Name
3 D. Haywood


Match Name
4 A. Hugenberg

D. Diiorio

Match Name
5 D. Lyons


Match Name
6 R. Chapman

D. Chio

Match Name
7 S. Kujubu


Match Name
8 E. Miller

C. Marshall

Bracket 2

Match Name
1 R Larsen


Match Name
2 J. Colson

R. Armstrong

Match Name
3 M. Postle


Match Name
4 J. Bettencourt

R. Ezzell

Match Name
5 G. Waters


Match Name
6 M. Riddle
2 A. Dunn

Match  Name
7 M. Boddorf


Match Name
8 M. Tamondong

J. Rosenstiel

Bracket 3

Match Name
1 P. Fellner


Match Name
2 T. Carpenter

F. Soria

Match Name
3 J. Houle


Match Name
4 K. Kitagawa

J. Pak

Match Name
5 R. Cristian


Match Name
6 Th. Nguyen

K. Brown

Match Name
7 J. Sheehan


Match Name
8 S. Jackson

S. Long

Bracket 4

Match Name
1 J. Pedretti


Match Name
2 I. Steinman

S. Drake

Match Name
3 A. Barber


Match Name
4 B. Barad

J. Ivy

Match Name
5 J. Lennon

Match Name
6 A Hartwick

D. Stevenson

Match Name
7 V. Brill


Match Name
8 R. Leonis

B. Decosse

Heads-Up Draw Party in 90 Minutes

Come out at 6:30pm for the @2PairPoker draw party for tomorrow's $365 Heads-Up tournament.
Register for the tournament by start of the draw party and you are eligible to win a $565 World Series Colossus seat, the $5 million guaranteed prize pool event kicking off the 2015 WSOP.

Be at tonight's party with other players, see who you are going to play in the opening round of the 64-player-max heads-up tournament tomorrow, kicking off at 11 a.m.

Big O in 30 Minutes

Come check out Event 3 of @2PairPoker series, a $200 buyin Big O. Start with 10,000 chips, play 20-minute levels through Level 6, 25-minute levels thereafter.
Late entry and re-entries are allowed up until Level 7 starts.

Event 2 - $150 w/$50 bounties - Payouts

Here are the payouts for @2PairPoker Tour Event 2, $150 w/$50 Bounties.

$6,825 Prize Pool
91 Entries
Pays 12 Places

Place Payout
1 $1,922
2 $1,345
3 $865
4 $641
5 $480
6 $384
7 $320
8 $256
9 $192
10-12 $140

What the Twitteratti are Saying

Here's a bit of the conversation on Twitter today about @2PairPoker $150 bounty event.

What's On Tap Today

5 events for @2PairPoker Tour today here at Thunder Valley's Poker Room.
-- The day kicks off at 11 a.m. with a $150 Hold'em with $50 bounties.
-- 1 p.m. brings a $85 Turbo Satellite where 1-in-12 wins a seat in the weekend's $880 Championship.
-- There is a Big O tourney at 5pm, a $200 buyin.
-- The draw for matchups for the Thursday $365 heads-up tourney is a player-party at 6:30 p.m.
-- 8 p.m. is the final event, a $125 satellite, with 1-in-8 earning a $880 Championship seat for the weekend.

OK, so that's not REALLY the end, there's cash games ALL day and night long.

Event 1 - $25k Guaranteed - Results

Here are the results from Event 1 of the @2Pair Poker Tour series, the $150 buyin, $25,000 guaranteed.

205 Players
$25,625 Prize Pool
Pays 24

Place Name City Cash
1 Joseph Arent Roseville, CA $3,509
2 Kenneth Simonson Rohnert Park, CA $3,360
3 Donald Grant Tracy, CA $3,121
4 Mark Ellis Camp Lejeune, NC $2,944
5 Cary Marshall Sparks, NV $2,313
6 Hung Sam Elk Grove, CA $2,020
7 Joseph Morris Atascadero, CA $1,932
8 Den Cao Elk Grove, CA $825
9 Rodel Flora Newark, CA $618
10 Lauren Koch Seattle, WA $451
11 Woah Nistler Foresthill, CA $451
12 Chiman Ly Elk Grove, CA $451
13 Ryan Bechthold Roseville, CA $372
14 Daniela Thompson Auburn, CA $372
15 Gabriel Bustamante Daly City, CA $372
16 Scott Shubin Lincoln, CA $315
17 Robert Angeleri  Kelseyville, CA $315
18 Austin Pickering Mather, CA $315
19 Richard Palmer Rocklin, CA $277
20 Rudy Robledo Sacramento, CA $277
21 Sean Drake Citrus Heights, CA $277
22 Travis Wakefield Rohnert Park, CA $246
23 Jack Surwald Fair Oaks, CA $246
24 Peter Ho Dublin, CA $246

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aces Cracked, Or Not?

Travis Wakefield, Casino Manager at @The101Casino in Petaluma, calls the 4-bet all-in from the player in the 2 seat. Wakefield flips over AA and sees that while he is all-in for his tournament life, he stands to double his 52,600 stack as the other player holds JJ.

The flop of Q65 changes nothing, but Wakefield is on his way back to Petaluma, The 101 and maybe a stop at Lagunitas Brewery right down the street from his poker room .. as a J hits on the turn.

A yell comes up from the table, and Wakefield bounces back a few steps, when the dealer peels off a Barry Greenstein, Ace On The River.

Wakefield moves to more than 103,000 in Event 1 of the 2 Pair Poker Tour series.

Redraw Final 3 Tables

We are down to 30 players, 6 from the money in @2PairPoker tour Event 1, the $25k guarantee. 
There's a redraw as we move to the final three tables, with another redraw due when we reach the Final Table of 10.
We are starting Level 14, blinds are at 1500/3000, with players going on a 15 minute break before we start the level. 

1 in 2 Cash

We are down to 48 players in Event 1 of the @@PairPoker Tour series, a $25k guarantee, and half of the remaining players are going to be in the money, as 24 cash tonight.

One who just got roughed up was Joey Hickson, we'll let his Tweet tell the story.

205 for Event 1 - Payouts

Event 1 of the 2 Pair Poker Tour series, a $150 Hold'em with a $25,000 guaranteed, closed registration with a total of 205 entries and a prize pool of $25,625.

Here are the payouts for Event 1

Place Payout
1 $6,188
2 $4,338
3 $2,788
4 $2,065
5 $1,550
6 $1,240
7 $1,030
8 $825
9 $618
10-12 $451
13-15 $372
16-18 $315
19-21 $277
22-24 $246

Faces in the Crowd, Event 1 2Pair Tour

Here are some of the players at Event 1 of the 2 Pair Poker Tour series.

Darrell Cain

Jeff 'Hollywood' Lennon

Al Alhm

Rick 'Duff' Defer 

Charles Williams, Poker Room Mgr, Grand Sierra Reno

Joey Hickson

Director of Poker Operations, Ben Erwin, and Team TV Poker's Chris Hinchcliffe

Sean Drake, Team 2 Pair Pro

Travis from 101 Casino, Petaluma

Mark Violetti

Roger Bailey, 2 Pair Poker Tour President and Sean Drake, 2 Pair Team Pro