Sunday, April 26, 2015

3-Way All-in For The TItle

One hand after Dan Stir lost all but 2 blinds in a massive pot with A.L. Waseem, he is all in from the big blind as Kao Saevang raises to 125,000 and Waseem calls.

The flop is Td4c5c and Waseem announces all-in, having Saevang covered, and Saevang CALLS.

Waseem has A4 for bottom pair.
Saevang has Ah3h for a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw.
If Waseem holds this tournament is over.

The turn in 9h and Saevang picks up a full flush draw.

A Qh hits the river, Saevang gets there, and takes 1,029,000 from Waseem, cutting him down to 640,000, while Stir's J2 doesn't get there and he is eliminated in 3rd place, earning $13k