Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aces Cracked, Or Not?

Travis Wakefield, Casino Manager at @The101Casino in Petaluma, calls the 4-bet all-in from the player in the 2 seat. Wakefield flips over AA and sees that while he is all-in for his tournament life, he stands to double his 52,600 stack as the other player holds JJ.

The flop of Q65 changes nothing, but Wakefield is on his way back to Petaluma, The 101 and maybe a stop at Lagunitas Brewery right down the street from his poker room .. as a J hits on the turn.

A yell comes up from the table, and Wakefield bounces back a few steps, when the dealer peels off a Barry Greenstein, Ace On The River.

Wakefield moves to more than 103,000 in Event 1 of the 2 Pair Poker Tour series.