Saturday, April 25, 2015

Faces in the Crowd, the 2 Pair Main Event Edition

Here are some of the players in Day 1B of the @2PairPoker $880 Championship Main Event.

Greg 'zarrdogg' White, Team Blue Shark Optics/Grinder Gear/HoldemRadio Team Pro

Al Ahlm, Western Senior Poker Series

Glenn Larsen, Team No Pair Air Poker

Martin Kampmann, Team RunItUp, Team Alpha Male

Kelly Giannetti

Candace Collins, 2015 WPT Ones To Watch, trying to take a selfie as Cary Marshall, 2012 WSOP Circuit Lake Tahoe Main Event Champ, tries to sneak into the photo

Joe Kenney

Loren Cloninger

Toan Nguyen

Shawn Daniels, Team 2 Pair Poker Pro

Rick Colson, 

Roy Armstrong

Ed Miller

Justo Avalos, 2014 Ante Up World Champion

Bob Mather

Sharon (Stone) Helldrofer, and Darrell Cain of the Western Senior Poker Series