Sunday, April 26, 2015

Whoa, Did That Just Happen?

We show up to see a three way all in between Kao Saevang, A.L. Waseem and Mike Hubbard, now check this out.

Waseem has 77, and has the other two players covered.
Hubbard has AQ
Saevang ... Q5 off.

The flop is 23A, TOp pair for Hubbard, no help for Waseem and a backdoor wheel draw for Saevang.

Yep, the turn is a 5, and Saevang, the short stack, hits his wheel, taking 494,000 from each of the other two players, leaving Hubbard with one blind and Waseem is down to fewer than 350,000.

Saevang is now the overwhelming chipleader with 1.5 million, half of all the chips in play.