Friday, July 31, 2015

215 for Day 1B

Registration is closed for the @anteupmagazine World Championships Series $425 with a $200k Guarantee and the board shows 215 total entries.

Combined with the 176 from Day 1A yesterday and the total field is now at 391, with two more flights to come.

Based on entries from the January $425, there is a good chance the total field for this is going to be right at 1,000 entries.

There are 42 more entries so far after two flights than the record-setting field of 929 entries back in January. Day 1C had 173 entries and Day 1D had 407 in January, so there's the target for players to hit for a 1,000-entry field and a prize pool of more than $375,000.

--Dan Ross
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