Thursday, July 30, 2015

92 To Get Started

Cards are in the air for Day 1A of the $200,000 guarantee and there are 92 players seated with a few queued up at the registration desk ready to take their seats as well.

Players are starting with 15,000 chips and playing 30-minute levels through Level 14, when play jumps to 40-minute levels.

Late registration ends when cards go in the air to start Level 5, about 6:15 pm tonight.

Play ends for the night when down to 10 percent of the starting field, with 12 percent of the day's starting field being in the money.

Bag-n-tag tonight or any of the four Day 1's and come back on Sunday to play it out to a winner. The event's final table is going to be LiveStreamed with Ben Erwin - Director of Poker Operations and Dan Ross of You can watch the LiveStream right here on the poker room blog.