Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 1C Chipcounts

Here are updated chipcounts for some of the 81 players remaining in Day 1C of the $200,000 guaranteed $425. The players have headed off on a 45-minute dinner break.

Name Chipcount
Thai Nguyen 92,000
Evelyn Iraheta 72,000
Duke Agbigay 70,000
Brian Mintz 58,600
Marty Gorenc 39,100
Brett Murray 31,700
Jeff Lennon 31,600
Joe Nguyen 28,900
Gina Stagnitto 23,000
Ricky Lay 20,500
Nick Gorman 18,800
Carey Pickus 17,000
Bruce Angeski out
Roger Bailey out
Tim Klemin out
Rick Colson out

Craig Gold out