Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dinner Break Chipcounts

The players in Event 6 have headed off on a 45-minute dinner break. Here are official chipcounts for some of the players enjoying High Steaks Steakhouse or Red Lantern.

Name Chipcount
Rob Grossglauser 50,900
Thai Nguyen 49,600
Mike Postle 48,300
Dee Timmons 44,100
Brian Mintz 35,500
Kyle Kitagawa 31,900
Ken Jorgensen 31,400
Randy Gil 23,200
Darrel Dier 20,600
Ricky Lay 18,800
Erik Watkins 16,300
Sean Drake out
Michael Loncar out
Amber Chatwin out
Bruce Angeski out
Richard Gonzales out