Friday, July 31, 2015

He Did it, Again, and Again and ..

We left you on break with Ken Jorgensen down to an ante and a single 100 chip behind after losing boat-over-boat in a 249,000-chip pot.

Come on, boys and girls, let's play VultureCam and see if Ken can get back to a full blind.

From UTG, Ken is all in and he gets his neighbor as a caller.

Ken shows QJ and is in a race against AT.

That's a Queen in the window ... 7-2-3-K and Ken, going in to the BB next hand, now has enough for the blind, the ante, and one whole blue 500-chip behind.

Here we go, one more hand for Ken, and from the BB he is all-in-blind against one player.

Ken has TexasDolly in his corner, showing T2 against 66.

A-5-8-9-Ten on the river ... he did it again and now is up to 12,500, and he has enough chips to fold a few hands.

Wait, here he goes again, all in for 10,000 to a raise of 8,500 ... and there's 3 total callers.

The flop is 4-2-5 and the initial raiser moves all-in, everyone else folds and she turns over KK, with Ken showing AJ.

No suspense here, that's the Ace of Spades on the turn, an 8 on the river.

Ken Jorgensen, from a single 500-chip with antes at 400, is now up to 46,500.

--Dan Ross
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