Friday, July 31, 2015

That Was Brutal

Ken Jorgensen - 6th place here in the inaugural WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event two years ago - had about 130,000 chips in front of him on the hand before break started .. note, we said when the hand 'started.'

He definitely liked the TT2 flop (we're psychic LiveUpdates folks, we knew he was holding KT) and the 2 turn sure didn't upset him either.

He was also pretty happy when Rocky McNutt moved all in on the river when a J showed up.

Jorgensen was NOT happy, though, to see McNutt turn over JJ for a rivered boat-over-boat. McNatt moves to 249,000 chops and a big tournament chiplead.

Jorgensen heads to the break with just 600 chips, then loses the black 100 in the color-up race-off so he returns to blinds of 1200/2400 and 400 ante with an ante-and-a-chip ..

but wait , come back after break to see what happens to him ..

--Dan Ross
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