Sunday, September 27, 2015

Valerie Goes Home, 9 Come Back

There's a raise to 75,000 preflop and four callers, including Valerie Hanley and Adam Ghattas. With a 250,000 bet on the 5♠️2♥️8♦️ flop from Ghattas, only Hanley comes along.

The 4♠️ turn gets a 350,000 bet from Ghattas and another call from Hanley.

Hanley jams the 7♠️ river for her last 414,000 and Ghattas waits until there is a full count .. and makes the call, having Hanley covered.

Hanley - K♣️5♣️ for a flopped 2nd pair
Ghattas - 22 for flopped bottom set

... and we're at tomorrow's TV Final Table, while Hanley finishes in 10th, cashing for $10,888.