Sunday, November 29, 2015

Biggest Pot of the Day

Mario Sequeira bets 52000 on a 4♣️A♦️7♦️ flop and Alan Pham makes is 202,000, and Sequeira calls. The K♠️ comes on the turn and Pham announces all in. He and Sequeira have almost identical stacks of close to 700,000 each. Sequeira makes the call.

Sequeira - AJ for top pair
Pham - 77 for a flopped set

The chips are counted down and Sequeira has 671,000, while Pham has 669,000. Sequeira is left with a single ante, and he is eliminated on the very next hand, cashing for $3,257.

Pham moves to the overwhelming chiplead with 1.81 million, 27 percent of the chips in play with 12 remaining

Level 22
Blinds 8000/16000
Antes 2000
Avg Stack: 36BB