Saturday, November 28, 2015

Carey Crushing it

David Carey was 7th the last the the @HPTPoker came to town, cashing for $20,500. When he sat down in today's AnteUp Magazine NorCal Classic, the two players to his left not only both had 85,000 in chips, but both had recent cashes here for far more than Carey's $20k.

On Carey's immediate left is Cy Williams - UCDavis Gold Coach and the reigning Ante Up World Champion, taking the title here in August for $78,800.

Left of Williams is Minh Nguyen, who won $48,000 taking down the HPT opening weekend $425 for $48,000 and added $43k for 5th place at the same HPT final table where Carey was 7th.

Today, however, Carey has used the stacks of Williams and Nguyen as his personal ATM's, as well as everyone else at the table. Carey is up to 230,000 while both Williams and Nguyen are down to 30k each.