Saturday, November 28, 2015

Faces in the Main Event Crowd, Part Deux

Joe Fernanadez, owner of @TurlockPoker, is among the large crowd of players here today for the $150,000 Guaranteed Ante Up Magazine Poker Tour NorCal Classic $1,100 Main Event. Joining Fernandez is ... 

Aaron Iqbal

Jeff Day

Dee Timmons

Bill Watchman

Matt Boddorf and Thai Nguyen

Darrel Dier

Kathy Stahl

Prab Thonduru

Craig Gold

The men who make this happen: Ante UP Magazine publisher Scott Long and Thunder Valley Director of Poker Operations, Ben Erwin

Mike Postle

Jerry Yang

George Saca

Kelly Douglas

Minh Nguyen

Joe Nguyen

Sean Drake