Saturday, November 28, 2015

Postle Pulls 'em In

We show to see a pot of 11,000 and the flop, turn and river already exposed, with @Mike_Postle all in for his remaining 22,900.

The board shows 8♣️3♠️T♠️Q♣️9♦️.

Postle's opponent tanks for about 90 seconds, then makes the call, and Postle shows KJ for the absolute nuts.

His opponent flings his cards at the dealer, exposing a J for a smaller straight, then begins smacking together some of the few chips he still has and mumbling about his bad fortune.

Mike Postle - 57,200
Opponent - 5,100

Postle and Sean Drake are the favorites now to take down the Ante Up Poker Tour Player of the Year as they sit in 2nd and 4th place with this Main Event and tomorrow's two tournaments as the last events of the year. Darrel Dier, 3rd in the standings, used both of his available entries today and has been eliminated from the Main Event.