Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stahl Stacks Some

Kathy @Stahly44 Stahl took down one of the monster-sized $425's here earlier this year, taking home $60,000 for her win. She's had trouble gaining any traction today, and we just watched her deal with a 3-way pot from her BB.

Randy Smith made it 2500 from the cutoff, Anton Dimagiba made the call from the SB as did Stahl from the BB. All three players checked the Q♦️5♦️Q♠️.

Dimagiba checks the 9♥️ on the turn. Stahl makes it 3100, with both Smith and Dimagiba calling.

The J♦️ on the river completes a possible flush draw. Dimagiba checks, Stahl makes it 5000 (leaving 15300 behind). Smith snap-calls and Dimagiba hesitates, then also flips out an orange 5k chip.

Stahl tables Q♥️4♥️ for flopped trips.

Smith pauses, stares at the board for a few moments and eventually mucks, and Dimagiba flings his into the muck as well.

Kathy Stahl - 43,700
Randy Smith - 50,000
Anton Dimagiba - 18,000