Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Night Bounties

The 2015 @AnteUpMagazine NorCal Classic draws to a close tonight with Event 12, a $100 with $25 bounties. This is the standard Sunday night tournament here at Thunder Valley - always drawing a good crowd. Rather than replace this popular event during a tournament series, Ben Erwin incorporates it into the series lineups now.

Players start at 7pm with 6000 chips and play 20-minute levels, with no antes in the tournament. Registration is open until the start of level 5, about 8:35pm. Players are limited to One (1) re-entry. Any player that has not used their re-entry may forfeit their stack at the end of level 4 and re-enter for $100. Levels will be 20 minutes. This is a 10 handed event. Redraw at the 10 handed Final Table.