Sunday, January 31, 2016

9-Handed in the Main

The 9-handed Main Event Final Table - in photos, with @RepPorter in the 1 seat and your chipleader at 2,100,000.

Chuck Nguyen of San Lorenzo is in the 2 seat, he has 285,000 chips.

Gina Stagnitto was the first to a milly earlier today. She called her shot on Friday, saying she would final table, and she did. Stagnitto, from Brentwood, is in the 3 seat with 285,000

Theresa Cummings of Nevada City is in the 4 seat, with 576,000 chips.

Phuoc 'Paul' Nguyen final tabled the 2015 Ante Up World Championships her at Thunder Valley, taking 5th place. The number 5 must like Paul here, for he is in the 5 seat at this final table, a 1,613,000 stack of chips in front of him.

Robert Pacleb came from Vallejo to play the Poker Night in America Main Event. He is in the 6 seat with 861,000 chips.

Mario Lopez from Cloverdale has 363,000 chips. he is in the 7 seat.

Kathy Stahl defeated a field of more than 900 players here last January to win $62,000 in a $425 DeepStack. Today she is in the 8 seat, with 1,210,000 chips. 

Duke Lee, the defending HPT Reno champ, was 14/14 on dinner break with just 8BB. He comes to the final table with 849,000 chips and is in the 9 seat.