Monday, March 14, 2016

Am Imazeing Hand

SM Imaze Hasnain checks from the SB, Will Chao makes it 6500, Dana Muse and Hasnain check-raises to 16000 on a T♣️ T♦️ T♠️ flop - with 14000 in the pot preflop - and Chao makes the call. Hasnain makes it 23000 on the 4♣️ turn, and Chao calls for about 40 percent of his remaining chips.

The 6♥️ is the river, Hasnain asks Chao how many chips he has remaining (35,700) and Hasnain puts Chao all in. Chao grimaces, thinks for a bit, and flips a single chip out to indicate a call.

Hasnain shows 7♥️ 6♦️ for a rivered full house. Chao flips his cards in the air - face down - and walks away from the table, eliminated from Day 2 of the WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event.

SM Imaze Hasnain - 515,000

Level 14
Blinds - 1200/2400
Antes - 400
Players Left - 95