Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Drake, Rones Chop the Bubble

Sean Drake is all in with A ♠️Q♥️ for his last 35,000 on the money bubble, called by 2 ♦️ 5♦️ of Marco Johnson. Over at table 4, Jaime Rones is also all in against Vien Chao who is holding A♣️Q♣️ (we can't see Rones' cards, there's too many people gathered around the table!)

The AQ of Chao  at Rones' table holds so he is out, now lets check on Drake.

The board runs out 9-6-4-3-9 and Johnson turns a straight, so Drake and Ronas are going to chop the 45th place mincash finish of $7,329, each earning $3,665.

Level 18
Blinds - 3000/6000
Antes - 1000
Players 44