Sunday, April 10, 2016

2 Milly to Prager

Mike Harvey limps in for 40,000, Doyle Johnson calls from the SB and Josh Prager (picture on left, above) checks his option.

The flop is 8♥️ 4♥️ Q♠️. Prager checks, Harvey makes it 125,000, Johnson folds and Prager calls.

The turn is the A♥️, Prager leads out for just 75,000 and Harvey snap-raises to 300,000. Prager flips a chip in his fingers for a few moments, checks hid cards and announces he is all-in. Prager's chips are a jumble of varied-sized stacks, and harvey asks for a full count. The dealer announces the raise is 1.1 million so Prager has Harvey covered.

"It is hard to get away from this," says Harvey, "I might be going home though, I call."

Prager - 7♥️ T♥️ for a flush
Harvey - K♥️ J♦️ for the nut flush draw

The river is the K♠️ and Harvey is eliminated in 8th Place. Dal Bains went out in 9th a few hands previous.

"What were you doing there," exclaims Prager as Harvey's chips are slid across the felt.

Josh Prager - 2,600,000
Mike Harvey - $4,646

Dan Ross -