Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Carpenter Leads the Way with 2xKO

We were just in process about writing up that Tommy Carpenter - who made the Final Four both times Thunder Valley hosted a Heads-Up tournament - was chipleader with 15 players remaining in today's $10,000 guarantee when we heard "Hey, there's a three-way all-in."

Mohammed Dirsiye and another player were both all-in preflop and Carpenter had called the two.

Dirsiye - KK
Player B- AJ
Carpenter - AQ

The 6-7-T flop and 5 turn had Dirsiye in great shape, but the river A♥️ send a second mountain of chips to Carpenter and two players to the rail.

Tommy Carpenter - 375,000

Level 13
Blinds - 3000/6000
Antes - 1000
Players Left - 13