Saturday, April 9, 2016

Legend of the Food Coma

This may be new to @WPTDeepStacks fans, but the Legend of the (post-dinner-break) Food Coma is alive and well in this part of the poker world.

Players leave for dinner break, enjoy all the goodness of the buffet and the food court, then come back to 10-handed tables and suddenly their actions are less sharp than before, their decisions a bit off and their chipstack slides over to other players.

This malady typically claims the stacks of about 15 percent of the total remaining field within 20-30 minutes after dinner - and today is no different.

2 tables broke in Level 14 and a few others busted, leaving 96 players to start Level 15. That means 24 players are out - or 20 percent of the field - fell victim once again to the Legend of the Food Coma.

Level 15
Blinds - 2000/4000
Antes - 500
Players Left - 96

--Dan Ross -