Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Y the Voting Cards Are Spread

Have you ever been at a table when players were anxious to chop, you didn't want to, but felt pressured to go along with the group to keep from being targeted by everyone else at the table?

Thunder Valley's poker room staff has a Silent Vote way of avoiding the issue. Players are handed two cards, one with a 'Y' on it and the other with a 'N' on it. The players hand - face down - to the dealer their voting card, and the non-voting card is handed - also face down - to the TD

The dealer mixes up the cards, then fans then out - face up - and the vote is revealed. A unanimous 'Y' vote has everyone in agreement and the chop is in place. Any 'N' shown and there's no talk of a chop until another player busts from the tournament.

We're 5-handed in the $10,000 guarantee just a few moments and one of the VoteCards was a 'N' when an ICM Chop was being discussed. No chop took place, one player busted the next hand, and now it is 3-handed for all the monies.