Saturday, June 18, 2016

4x for Lee

All-in preflop for his last 34,000 (8BB), Bee Lee finds three callers in Dalton Still, Greg 'Spartacus' Pincombe and chipleader Candida Ross-Powers.

The flop is 5♠️ 4♠️ 6,♦️ Still and Pincombe check, and Ross-Powers slides out enough chips to put the other two players all in.

Still struggles to find a fold, but manages it, as does Pincombe.

Lee - JJ
Powers - 88

Both players have overpairs to the board, while Ross-Powers also has a gutshot straight. The board blanks, however, and Lee goes from 34,000 up to 143,000 (with blinds and antes) just two away from the money.

Still says he paid down 99, and Pincombe 33.