Saturday, June 18, 2016

Candida Clips One

The flop is 4♠️ 7♦️ 8♦️, Candida Ross-Powers check, the BB makes it 13,000 into a 19,000 pot, and the player in the 3 seat ships it for 34,400 total. Ross-Powers asks for the count, then slides out enough to cover the All-in and put the BB player in also, drawing a snap-fold from the BB.

Ross-Powers turns over a ♦️ flush draw and sees she is up against TT. She completes her draw when the A♦️ hits the turn and the other player is eliminated.

Ross-Powers offers her hand to the other player, who turns his back and walks away, thus we decide not to follow to get his name.

Candida Ross-Powers - 131,000

Level 14
Blinds 1200/2400
Antes 400
Players Left - 81

Dan Ross -