Sunday, June 19, 2016

Debbie to a Milly

Debbie Kenoyer raises preflop, Vikram Bhatia moves all in for his last 200,000, Dan McGee and the rest get out of the way and Kenoyer makes the call.

Bhatia - A9
Kenoyer - AQ

The board misses both players, Kenoyer's Q kicker playing and she moves to 1,000,000 while Bhatia is eliminated in 8th place, cashing for $3,625.

The steamroller that is McGee keeps saying after flop, turn and river "I'm ahead," as he mucked 22 to the 3-bet all-in. That would have been a doubleKO for McGee, leaving him with almost 70 percent of all the chips 6-handed.

Alas, that's not to be, there's 7 left and two with a milly-plus ...

Level 24
Blinds 15000/30000
Antes 5000
Players 7