Saturday, June 18, 2016

First Round of Payouts

I saw Monte Gilley up at the payout counter so I stopped by to see what happened.

"I had AQ UTG and a guy woke up with AK, what are ya gonna do when you're short, right?"

You're going to do as Gilley did, say "nice hand," finish in 37th place, pack up your gear and head over to collect as one of those who mincashed today for $725.

Here's the rest of the mincashes in today's OneDay$100K.

38 - Amelia Richardson
39 - Patrick Murphy
40 - Khoa 'Kenny' Tran
41 - Dale Fink
42 - John 'Ducky' Duckworth
43 - James Ohlweiler
44 - David Covarrubias
45 - Sean Drake