Saturday, June 18, 2016

Get Out of Her Way

Action folds preflop to the cutoff, who ships his last 11BB. Candida Ross-Powers adds another 100,000 from the button, and Daniel Evans goes into the tank in the BB, as the call will be for 70 percent of his stack - aka it is a shove-or-fold for him.

Evans finds a fold, the cutoff sheepishly turns over 5♥️ T♥️ and starts heading for the exits as Ross-Powers shows AA.

The flop is K-7-8, prompting Evans to let everyone know he laid down "a suited AK."

Ross-Powers moves to 355,000 and 2nd in chips with 55 left.

Level 15
Blinds 1500/3000
Antes 500
Players from the money - 10

Dan Ross -