Saturday, June 18, 2016

I Said Stay Out of Her Way

The new chipleader with 50 left, Candida Ross-Powers just chalked up another knockout when a player with just 7BB shoved from UTG. Everyone else folded, but Ross-Powers did the math and saw it was only 7 percent of her stack for a call, so she slid a stack out and turned over Q♦️ 9♦️. 

She was up against two black 7's.

The flop was massive for her, T♦️ 9♣️ 4♦️, bottom pair and a flush draw. The A♦️ turn closed it out, and the 2♦️ just reaffirmed the knockout.

Powers is now the only player with more than 400,000 and we are 5 from the money.

Level 16
Blinds 2000/4000
Antes 500
Players 50

Dan Ross -