Saturday, June 18, 2016

Second Suit

Ryan Rielley is repopped by @KellyD7127 Douglas from 700 up to 2500 on a 4♦️ 7♦️ 5♠️ 9♠️ board, and after a bit of thought Rielley makes the call.

The river is J♦️, Rielley makes it 4000 and Douglas snap-calls.

Rielley shows A♦️ 9♦️ for the flush from the second suit on his tattooed forearm, and Douglas mucks.

Rielley moves to 37,000, Douglas to 7500.

Douglas gets 2,000 back the next hand after Darrel Dier raises to 425, one player calls, Rielley calls, then Douglas makes it 2200. All fold and Douglas shows TT.

Level 4
Blinds 100/200
Antes 25
Entries 306

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