Friday, June 17, 2016

That Really Happened

There's a WHOLE bunch of laughing and yelling over at one of the tables, so of course we had to run over and see what's going on.

Dermot Lyons says he moved all in dark and one player called. Lyons looked down and saw he woke up with AA, and was called by A8.

Over in the 10 seat, Matt Boddorf calls for a flop of 8-8-8!

It's OK, the players at this table - including Lyons, Boddorf, Rose Erhart, Lon McEachern and Dan McGee - has been laughing and joking with one another all morning and they're laughing about this too.

An 8 on the flop gets 'em interested, and the 8 on the turn is what brought all the yelling as Lyons has his Aces cracked.