Saturday, June 18, 2016

That Was Different

The flop is 3♠️ 4♣️ 9♠️ and floor is called over for the hand between Surinder Singh and Candida Ross-Powers because Ross-Powers moved all-in out of turn.

Floor explains to Singh his options, and to Ross-Powers her options based on what Singh is going to do -
A) to check would mean the all-in bet stands.
B) bet and Ross-Powers pulls her stack back and can bet anything she chooses.
C) fold and the hand is over.

Singh chooses to bet, Ross-Powers opts to push her stack in, and Singh calls off his stack.

Singh - J♦️J♣️
Ross-Powers - A♠️ 2♥️

Ross-Powers calls for an A or a spade. She gets half of her request when the turn is 6♠️, and she calls for the fourth spade on the river. The dealer obliges as he peels off 4♠️, eliminating Singh.

"I didn't deserve that, but I'll take it," she says.

Candida Ross-Powers - 54,000

Dan Ross -